Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Toe Pain

Well of course if any one can get some kind of strange ailment then it would definitely be me.
The past few weeks I have been having off and on pain in the big toe of my right foot. Well on Sunday it got a lot worse and by yesterday morning I was in pretty bad pain but made it to work. Like what are you going to do call in and say "uh, I can't come in, I have a big toe pain",,I don't think so.
So I started googling my painful symptoms and have come up with the problem. I have Gout!
Its caused by too much Uric acid in your kidneys. Its also a form of rheumatoid arthritis. I have also been having some other aches and pains in other joints in my body. Yeah,, I know I am getting old but I don't want to end of in severe pain in 10 more years so I am going to see a rheumatologist next week.
So in my research about gout I read that it mainly affects men but will affect women who are post menopause,,that be me as I had a hysterectomy 14 years ago. The uric acid causes crystals to grow in the joints. The picture above is mild compared to some of the real pictures I saw online,,yuck!
I also read what to not eat or drink, beer is a big no no,,and I do like a nice cold one on a hot summer day. I also read that one thing that really helps it is eating cherries or drinking 100% cherry juice. So you know I went and got some juice yesterday afternoon after work. I also got my doc to send me out some anti-inflammatory medicine and took some of that last night. I soaked the big toe in warm Epsom salt and alternated that with ice. I am glad to say that this morning it was a lot better.
I read that you have to watch out for foods that are high in purine as that's what causes uric acid build up when you have gout. For some reason my kidneys are not getting rid of the uric acid and that isn't a good thing as if it worsens it can cause kidney stones or kidney failure. Uh,,,well you better know that I am going to be a lot more careful and watch out for high purine food.
So if you ever have a pain in your big toe, now you will know what it just might be.
Hope every one is having a wonderful Tuesday!


JessInFocus said...

Ouch! I never knew all that about gout before! Interesting! Hope you get to feeling better.

jet1960 said...

Poor Bethie! I'm sorry you have another worry, but glad you have figured it out. As soon as you said pain in your toe, gout was the first thing I thought of. Take of yourself!

Rosa said...

Daig gf. Keep drinking that cherry juice! We thought mom had that a while ago but I don't think it was. Wish I could come out there and just take care of you for a week. loveya!

PEA said...

Oh dear, it does sound painful! You poor thing, it's all you needed, for your big toe to act up like that. Hopefully the anti inflammatory and the cherry juice will help ease the pain. Thinking of you!! xoxox

Shopgirl said...

You should write a book, no one would believe the things you have had go wrong this whole year.
I have had kidney stones, this you do not want. I was never in that much pain. My Granddad had Gout. I remember him soaking his foot in salted water.
I will remember the cherry juice, I don't remember seeing that in the store. I have learned a lot from your post, I just wish it was not about you.
Be well, Mary

Jeanie said...

Serious big bummer, Beth. That does not sound fun at all -- though better to have a diagnosis than just be cruising in pain and discomfort. The cheery juice is good, but bummer about the beer.

Janet said...

Yikes! That sounds painful. Pay attention to those food no-no's and be careful what you eat. Hope you're feeling better by now.

Kim's Treasures said...

I sure hope you are feeling better really soon! I know it is very painful. Take good care of yourself!

Have a great day!