Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Walk with me!

Here's another post with more of my flowers and the wonderful creatures that they attract.

Another delightful picture of a flutterfly and a cone flower!

The ugly bugs above are the nasty Japanese beetles. They will tear your rose bushes up. The hubby will be stopping at Home Depot tonight for some Beetle bags. I hang the bags up in the backyard and they have some some stuff in them that attract the Beetles and they fly up into the bag and cannot get back out. We have to put new bags up every month in the summer as they get pretty full.
Pretty orange nasturiums above. I also love the shape of the leaves. You can put the flowers in salads and eat them as they give the salad a little hot flavoring and looks pretty too!
Yes, its a Granddaddy long legs on the coneflower. Did you know that they are poisonous but their mouths are so small they cannot bite you?
Here's little Kermit Jr., he is guarding my hen and chicks, and he takes his job seriously.
A basket of impatients hanging on the front of the house by the door. I love the bright red color.
This is a close up of some bee balm. I have a nice patch of it and it really attracts the hummingbirds.

I hope you enjoyed the walk. Thanks for the kind comments about my friend in the post below. Her funeral is going to be wednesday so Mom and I will be going to it. Hope everyone has a terrific Tuesday!!!!


Sacred Suzie said...

Those are amazing pictures and no, I didn't know that about daddy long legs! I love butterflies too, they are so amazing.

Yes, that amulet on my blog is made with clay, air-hardening clay actually. That way what's inside stays perfectly protected.

Janet said...

I loved taking a walk through your garden....I hope to do it in person one of these days! Your flowers are so pretty and colorful and the photos are great.

Mary Timme said...

Beautiful photos, Beth. If it weren't for the bugs I'd like to live there. Well, and the humidity! But the flowers are lovely.

CattyCat said...

Have fun in New York!

Gemma said...

Gorgeous flowers....what a spectacular garden you must have!!!!