Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More of my New York trip!

This is one of the tour buses that we took the next morning. You could sit on the top and get some great views and pictures of the big Apple! It was still a little rainy that morning so we sat on the bottom part. The next picture was a view from the corner where we caught the bus.

Our first stop on our tour of downtown was of course the Empire State Building. The pictures below were some of the view from the top.

The next picture is of Mom and Jane on top of the Empire State building.
Then a pic of Jane and I, on top of the world! It was so much fun and the city looked so small below us.
The next picture is of Ground Zero which I took from the top of the Empire State Building.
It looks so small from the top but it is a very big area on the ground. Next is a view of Liberty Island from atop of the building.
Its rather fuzzy as I zoomed in very far for this picture. After taking pictures we went inside and bought several souvenirs. Then it was back down to ground level and hopping on another bus. We were headed to Chinatown to spend some money. On the way we passed a fence that was close to ground Zero. The fence was covered with ceramic tiles. The tiles were made by school children from all across the country. They were sent to New York after 9-11 to show sympathy for the lives that were lost. They were amazing. This is a pic of them below.

Below are more pictures that I took of the city that day. I rode on the top of the bus in the afternoon as the rain had stop and it turned into a nice day, not too hot or humid.

Yes its a Chinese McDonalds in Chinatown. Chinatown had several streets full of little shops. The shops sold watches, jewelry , shirts, perfume, scarfs, hats, and purses. You could buy them at very cheap prices. If you asked a price you could always bicker them down more on the item.
Of course Wall Street, picture above.
A view of the harbor on the Hudson river.

The United Nations Building above. Tomorrow will be pictures of our visit to the Statue of Liberty. Hope everyone has had a nice Tuesday. Stop in tomorrow of more of my trip!


CattyCat said...

Ah Beth. Thank you for the endless NY post. Such a reminder on so many levels. I went to NY about 40 years ago, and it hardly looks any different at all. It is so fun to go along with you vicariously after the fact.

OK nuff typing for me. Just had to say hi and welcome home. Hugs to you and your mom. You all 3 look so great in the pictures. It is fun to see more pics of you 3 and get a better visual.

Jeanie said...

Hi, Beth --

It is so much fun to relive your trip with you! The first time you see New York is so exciting -- there is nothing like it! Your posts and photos help bring back memories.


Janet said...

Great photos, Beth! I love the ones taken from atop the Empire State Building. You'd never get me up there!! So your photos are as close as I'll ever get! Also liked the Chinese McDonalds and the very last one of all the flags at the UN. Thanks for letting me tag along on your trip!!

LisaOceandreamer said...

I am so delighted you and your Mom and Jane had such a wonderful trip chock full of memories to savor. I've been to NY 3 times in the last 4 years and there is always something new to see. I want to go back again.

BTW - I got your email, please feel free to use that image of Daisy's garden chair. That was a special place for her!!
Sending you love and hugs dear Beth,

Mary Timme said...

What fun. I was very moved by your photos of the where the Trade Center had been. I just finished a book written by a forensic anthropologist who worked putting the bodies, pieces of bone and identification of the 'extra leg' and to see the spot took me right back to her description of the her times there.

And then the fun of standing on the Empire State Building with you. And the Chinese Mc D's! Who knew?

vicci said...

What a wonderful time Bethie! I felt as if I was there...I have been....but that was a very long time ago.....NOW...when are you coming to California????? :-)

miss*R said...

Hi Beth - I am catching up with bloggers who I lost contact with - slowly I am making my way around.
I visited New York in December/January 2001-2002. I was there for just over 5 weeks and it wasn't enough. I love it... an amazing city. You visited all the same places that I did...
so, hoping to keep in touch xoox