Thursday, June 07, 2007

Simply Charming

These are some charms that I made for a charm swap that I am in. I made them by melting some UTEE in my melting pot and added some gold pearl x powder to it. I dipped the stones in the UTEE and then sprinkled them with some glittler and added the small stone to it. After they cooled I wrapped the wire around them and heated them again so the wire would stick to the UTEE(ultra thick embossing powder). They look prettier than the picture.
I still so sad today about the loss of the young girl's life that I posted about yesterday. Such a waste!
I joined in on Daisys Poetry fest. This month we were to post the poems that we loved as children. I picked Shel Silverstein's poems. Please go check out all the wonderful poems at her site. I hope everyone has a great Thursday!!!


Janet said...

The charms are great! I love them! The wire wrapping is the icing on the cake. Another form of art that you do so good.

Mary Timme said...

I love your charms. I think they look great in the picture, but I know what you mean, as I never think beaded stuff looks very good in the photos after I've seen it in real life.

I heard about the missing girl in Kansas being found and had been concerned about her for the time she was missing. It is heart rending.

Sacred Suzie said...

I have never heard of this process and find it absolutely fascinating! Your charms are absolutely amazing.

The poor girl, my heart hurt when I read that story.

vicci said...

These are great Bethie! I want one! Do you want to do a personal trade...I'll send you some okay! It's been cooler the last few days...but warming up today....I'm working on a book for that round ya Sweets!

Rosa said...

Bethy! They are gorgeous. Beyond gorgeous! Wow!! Love them. What it Utee????? giggle. Yep, found us a store down her gf! We're gonna have a good ol' time!! Miss you!!