Thursday, June 14, 2007


This has been my art space for the past few days. Its out on my bench near my pond area. Its now my official soldering workshop. Its really nice out there as its shady and I can look at all my flowers while I work. Hubby made the neat alluminum work table for my soldering adventures. I am actually getting a little better at soldering. Yes,,I do have to have my music out there too. Yesterdays music was

I Love their music,,wish they were still together,,I did get the last cd that Annie did and enjoyed it. Ok,,off the subject, I know. Below is my handy little gizmo that I call my helping hands for holding my pendants when I solder them.
And now the finished products.
I actually made several more pendants but I am out of the ballchains to make the necklaces. The backs of the pendants has decorative paper on them too. Here are a few close ups.

In between creating these, I have been packing for my trip to New York which I will be leaving for on Sunday. I can't wait. More about that tomorrow. Thanks for looking at my art today! Hope everyone is doing good and enjoying the summer.


Mary Timme said...

I love to know people who know how to solder. I really hadn't thought about doing it myself, but I think you are very clever to have a table outside for the task. I like the necklaces, and congrats, Beth. I'm waiting to hear about NY!

Janet said...

Wow! Love your necklaces! It looks as if you have quite a little set-up for soldering. Those "extra hands" look like they come in pun intended!

CattyCat said...

This is a great work space Beth. Looks like you are having fun, and maybe on your way to NY?

vicci said...

I ADORE these!!!!!! I gotta get a soldering iron! :-)

Anonymous said...

Beth...these are all gorgeous and i love those helping hands. They are too cool :o)

Cat said...

Your pendants are wonderful! Looks like you are having fun doing this.

Glad you are outside! I soldered at work for 8 years - and before we knew about the hazardous fumes... and I think I'm a little looney for it! So keep that fresh air going and don't breath in that solder smoke!

Keep on creating.
Looking forward to seeing your reviews on NY!

Rosa said...

OMG Bethy. These are marvelous! Love your setup! Hope you and momma are having a grand time in NY!! Take a big ol' bite of the big apple for me!

Cat said...

These are so great! My fave is the robin. I clicked on the pic to enlarge and WAY COOL I like them a lot.

Good work.

Hi to Lady from Blue!