Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring again!!!

We are back in Spring time again!!! What a absolutely wonderful week-end we have had. So amazing to think that only last Sunday we were having Rain, Sleet, and Snow.
Daniel and I have been in the yard all week-end. We have weeded and mulched and are wore out tonight. It was almost 80 degrees today. The yard is looking so pretty. Some of my plants that were burned are starting to recover quite nicely. Still worried about my Rose bushes, they are not looking so great. Daniel said I might be getting some new ones for Mother's Day. That would be just fine with me.

I was in a Conference most of the week at work. It was really interesting and nice being away from the school. It was a local conference but alot of Attendance workers from across the state were there. Lucky me won a beautiful Fern on friday as a door prize. I gave it to Mom as she loves Ferns and they look so pretty on her deck.
This evening I say out in the yard with the camera and took some cool pictures of a Bluebird.

I hope every one has had a wonderful week-end. I miss you all and I might be busy in the yard again for awhile but don't forget me. Hugs to all!!!


Judy said...

Nice blog Beth...I tracked you down..I received one of your Dotee Dolls this week-end in the mail. I got the purple one with the silver hair.. she's a cutie..I posted a pic.. of her on my blog..Thanks..

Janet said...

I won't forget you! You must be getting all the good weather because we had nothing but wind and drizzle!

Those pics of the blue bird are great!

Jeanie said...

Four-star bluebirds!

Glad spring is back in your world (and mine, again!). It's good to get back out there and see most things surviving -- except my back and shoulders! Jury is still out on that!

Sacred Suzie said...

So pretty! I have never seen a bluebird before. We get Stellar's Jays here and they are noisy little ones that I adore. I am happy spring is finding you.

CattyCat said...

How could we possibly forget YOU Beth. I've been overwhelmed with moving. Your photos are, as usual, really wonderful.

vicci said...

Hi Sweet Bethie...YIPPEE Spring is back!!!! The photos are the blue ones!...and you! :-)

Rosa said...

OMG, those pics of the bluebird is fantastic. Mine don't feed on my feeders. What do you put in yours??? Gorgeous!