Friday, April 13, 2007

More Sweet Nostalgia

Yes, it was fun posting the "old days" picture yesterday so I am going to post some more. The picture up above is of me and my Dad. And yes, you guessed it, we were in Florida again. Not sure but I think this was in Ft. Walton, Florida(the panhandle). And you can see Daddy's camera around his neck(mom was using my little camera so the pics wasn't that great). And you can see were I get my long legs from. He was 6'4". I can smell that salt water now.
I know you can't see my face in that one either,, so here is another one. And yes, another Florida pic.

That was in St. Petersburg again. I am on the right and my bestfriend at the time was Tammy and she is on the left. We were about 14 here. And Oh Boy,,did we have a blast,,,we had "boy fever" lol. But we were good girls,,just did ALOT of flirting!!! Oh why can't I be that skinny again,,lol. Next pic, please,,,,,,,
Hey, at least its not another Florida pic. Believe it or not this was my dress for chorus in middle school. Uh,,what where they thinking? Laura Ingalls? I remember all of our Moms had to make them or pay someone to make them. Luckily my Mom was a great seamstress. I also remember being really pissed because the boys in the chorus got to wear nice blue dress pants and white shirts with red ties, and here we are in the dorky dresses. Most of us girls did not like the dresses AT ALL!!! I think I was 12 or 13. Hey,,you can see my face though, right? And you can see the disgust wrote all over it, right? Not a Happy camper!!!
One more pic,,,

Hey,,its me and my Mom,,and guess where we were? You got it,,in Florida,,he he!!! Now were we looking hot or what? Me, Mom , and my Aunt Addie went to Panama City, Fla back in 1994. We rented a beautiful condo right on the gulf. We had a great time, just us girls. It did rain a lot during that week but we just played cards, had boil shrimp, and played cards when it rained. Ahhhhh,,that was a fun time.
Well thanks for letting me show some more pics,,Its just fun to do because it takes you back and you can remember it just like you were there. Sweet Nostalgia!!


Naturegirl said...

I see the Florida beach has not changed since I was there in March and I can see you still have great legs! whistle!! :)
FYI: I will let you know when your pkg. arrives. hugs NG

Rosa said...

Look at those legs! I never had legs like that!

CattyCat said...

Hey Beth this was so much fun to see you so young. I did the same thing. The first day I posted 1 pic, then thought about it and boom posted a lot more. Nice to see Mz Lottie younger too. Cute.

Janet said...

You have got some loooong legs, Girl! I'm jealous!