Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Frigid Friday!!!

What Happened to Spring?????

Picture above taken on April 13th, 2004

Hope everyone has had a GOOD FRIDAY! I enjoyed being off today but it sure has been a cold one. I went and got my hair highlighted and cut this morning. Lee, my stylist, got a little carried away when he styled me and I ended up looking like Farrah Fawcett,,I had the BIG hairdo today. I just am not use to that look,,lol. And no,,I didn't take a picture of it even thought Daniel wanted to when I got home,,uh NO WAY!!!
So after I finished with that excursion, I went and picked up Mom. We head to Michaels with our 50% off coupons. I bought a Donna Dewberry water and paintbrush caddy. Its really cool. I have been trying to learn how to do her one stroke painting technique. I saw it on PBS one saturday and thought "wow that looks really easy" ,,,HA,,,its really not that easy. I did purchase the DVD a few weeks ago and have been practicing, and when I master it(if I ever do) I will post a pic of one of my masterpieces,lol.
After I dropped Mom off I came home and Daniel and I went out and covered up all my sweet flowers again as it is going to get down to 25 tonight. The wind has been horrible today too.

After that I went out to the sunroom and soldered several pieces of pendants that I have been working on. While I was doing that I looked out and it was snowing! Last Saturday we had the air conditioner on and had shorts on and it was 88 degrees. What a difference a week makes.
I am so ready for spring to come back. Its not uncommon for snow in April, we had about a inch of it on April 2004 (Above Picture) . It didn't stick today and stopped after a short while, thank goodness.
Tomorrow night its going to get even colder with a low down to 20 degrees. Guess I will be wearing my heavy coat to Church on Sunday, no Easter bonnet, just a stocking cap,,lol.
Well I hope every one has had a wonderful Friday!


Naturegirl said...

I know I know about the freezing temps..hows -2C for Easter! My poor bunnies are in shock as we wait for a hint of Spring!Head warmers for sure forget the bonnets!
Happy Easter hugs NG

Gypsy Purple said...

Wishing you and your family a happy and blessed Easter

Janet said...

Yikes! And it's warm and sunny out here! I'm getting a little closer to a house in TN so naturally the weather has to be cold and snowy!!

I'm sure you'll do great with the one-stroke painting. Can't wait to see your first one.

Forgot to mention, I like your blog's new name and look.

Ashley B. said...

We are freezing up here in Indiana too! I hope your outdoor flowers don't suffer too much.

Rosa said...

I missed the snow, but definately we were told! Oh, I wanted to see the BIG HAIR! hehe. You're too cute. xoxo