Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Just a little damage.

I guess I really lucked up as far as losing any flowers during this terrible cold snap that we had this past week-end. Most of our trees have dead leaves but I think they will revive. The picture above is my tulip tree. I am worried about it and hoping it will come back. My Rose of Sharon trees are looking the same way. From what I have read they will probably come back out but may not bloom this year. I also have alot of wilted daylilys.
I am hoping they will bloom but I have alot of lilys and the little plants didn't wilt. I think it was worth the effort of covering every thing during this cold spell. It took alot of sheets and plastic and alot of time. My yard looked like a bedroom, forgot to take a pic of it. It has warmed up and we are going to get some much needed rain tonight and tomorrow, and then chilly again but not freezing, Thank Goodness!!! I was so lucky to have a sweet hubby who helped me cover them every night and uncover every morning. Alot of folks in our area were not so lucky.
Today I was lucky to get a very sweet award from my dear blogger friend Lisa. It is the banner to left called "Bright Light Award" which is over to the left of post. Thanks Lisa, I have never had a blogger award before and I am proud to display it.
I hope every one had a wonderful Easter holiday and have a wonderfully creative week!


Naturegirl said...

A tulip tree I have never heard of or seen! Rose of Sharon!! Our blossom in August in my part of the world! NG from Canada

Jeanie said...

I'm glad the damage wasn't too bad -- all that covering paid off! I'm still waiting... maybe the tulips will make it if spring ever comes!

Janet said...

We had a cold snap earlier and I lost some agapanthus. At least turning your yard into a "bedroom" helped save some of your plants. I wish Mother Nature would make up her mind this year!! She's been very changeable.

Mary Timme said...

Most trees have a second set of leaves all ready to go in case of a frost and most flowers not in bloom will make it. I bet the lilies do too. We lily types are hardy inspite of being beautiful. Not that I'm a lily, I'm a daffodil and they are silly enough to live through anything, or strong enough, I'm not sure which. It is sad to see after a cold snap isn't it. Hope you don't get one again.
And congrats on your Blogger Award! That is super.

Cat said...

Oh the nasty frost in the Springtime. I agree with Janet that Ms Mother Nature sure is fickle this year!

We were around 32 deg this morning, and I lost one little flower that I dared plant already. Patience Cat, don't plant until May!

Hi to Miss Lady from ole' Blue.

CattyCat said...

The damage is sad, but not toooooo bad. Hope you are having a good week despite the weather. Yesterday it rained so hard and so long the streets were a bit flooded because under the street was totally filled. Wild.

vicci said...

Bethie...go visit my blog and take the photo challenge! :-)

Not too much damage sweetie...I'm glad! Now...on to Spring!

Rosa said...

Oh Bethy, all the new growth has just withered and died, so sad. I can't remember this happening before this far into spring. I guess we just had warmer weather soon than we should have! Grrrr. Miss you gf. Next week??