Wednesday, April 04, 2007

My Weekly Post!!

Well I guess I am just posting weekly now, at least it seems that way doesn't it? But, soon, very soon, I will be off for the summer and can post every day!!! 38 working days left,,YAY!!!
So just a little catch up. Of course the weather has been splendid here for the past few weeks. Highs in the mid and upper 80s and lows in the 60s. Just delightful. A lot of my flowers are up and looking gorgeous. And I, of course , have been in the yard most of the evenings and week-ends. Now its coming to a screeching halt. Winter has made a surprise return. It started with some very strong storms that moved in last night. Luckily no Tornadoes this time, thank goodness. But strong wind, hail, lightening and rain. Now for the next several nights we are going to be in the lower 30s and upper 20s with Freeze warning for every night. Wonderful! So guess who is going to be outside in just a few covering up her precious babies? Yes,,I have my sheets and clothes pins ready. I so fustrated and worried. Mid to upper 20s can kill even tender plants that are covered up.
I have seen so many folks buying all the annuals to plant the past few weeks while it felt like summer. Not me,,well just a few baskets that I can bring inside. I have made the terrible mistake of planting annuals too early and then having to go back and buy a whole new patch. Now I mostly have perienials that come up every year. Just a few annuals for window boxes and pots.

I haven't been very artistic lately, working on a few things here and there and finishing up a special box to send off this week-end.
Sunday night I got a phone call from my son who had his tonsils taken out almost 2 weeks ago. He was back in the emergency room with his throat bleeding again. I got up there about 1 a.m. and they had to operate again on him for the 3rd time. This time they corterized and stitched the places that were bleeding. They kept him most of monday and he got to go home around 4 that afternoon. He will be 22 next month and he hasn't taken very good care of himself after the operation 2 weeks ago. Got dehydrated so the scabs dried up and fell off. At 22 you are indestructible. Well now he has learned a lesson hopefully. I hope that will be the last time he has to be operated on. Third times charm right?

Well enough of the chatter. Here is a link to some more of my garden pics in my webshots album. You can use the slideshow option as it is really awesome. The picture at the beginning of the post is of my Columbine that is blooming. Hope everyone is well and having a good week.


Janet said...

Only 38 more days!! Yay! Sorry about the cold weather coming. I looked at your garden photos and they're so pretty. I hope when we get moved that I'll be able to have a garden and actually be able to grow something!

I hope your son is better after this last go-round with the doctors.

CattyCat said...

Your 38 days as to my 87. Count downs make the time go slower don't ya think.

Keep those pretty flowers covered and they will be just fine I hope.

Daisy Lupin said...

Just had a look at your garden photographs, lovely. I bet you are really looking forward to the winter break. Have a great Easter weekend.

Cat said...

Hi Beth! I'm down to sparatic posting myself!

Love your pictures and your art thru your last posts!

Have a very Happy Easter and give Lady a shake and a wiggle for Blue.

Hugs, Cat

CattyCat said...

I love this new look, and I really like the new sig pic. Did you take it? Hope that cold snap back there goes away pretty soon before it damages you lil babies.

Rosa said...

Is your son finally better? These kids, jeesh. We were NEVER like that, were we? hehe.