Thursday, April 12, 2007

Photo Challenge

Today I am doing a photo challenge that my dear blogger friend Vicci posted on her blog. The photo had to be at least 20 years old. Well this is 32 years ago when I was 13 years old.
My family always went to Florida every summer for vacation. That was the only place we ever went. My father loved Florida and so did my Mom. So naturally my brothers and I Loved it too! My parents worked hard all year long and saved their money for our week long trip to the wonderful beach. We would alternate between the Atlantic side of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico. This picture was made in St. Petersburg, Florida, which is on the Gulf. The Gulf side has the most beautiful sunsets. We would get up early every morning and walk the beach looking for shells. Go back to our room and have a wonderful breakfast. We always got rooms that had kitchenettes in them. After breakfast we were on the beach or in the swimming pool all day long. I can remember my Dad and I would get on our floats and go out a ways in the ocean and just float along and talk and just have fun. Mom wasn't a swimmer. By the time I was 13 I was the only one going with Mom and Dad as my brothers were married and had familys of their on. Sometimes they would bring their familys and come with us to Florida.
After having fun on the beach all day we would go in around 4 and clean up and then head out to wonderful seafood restaurants to eat. Then maybe go buy a few souvenirs. Then come back to the motel in time to go down to the beach and watch the sunset. My father was also a big camera buff so he always took alot of pictures. This is one of my favorites that he took of me.
Oh how I wish I still had that body now,,lol. But most of all I wish I had my dad around to go to the beach with and have a wonderful summer vacation!!!


AnnieElf said...

Oh how good we all looked back then. I posted an old pic today too Beth, in fact, two of them. Come visit.

vicci said...

Oh Sweetie...what a great photo....yes honey...I wish we all looked like we did back then...but we are the very same inside...and thats what counts! I'm so happy you did's great fun! and I LOVE seeing your photo..I wanna see your pretty face! :-)

vicci said...

Oh and Bethie...look at them long legs!!! Woooeeee!

CattyCat said...

This is so cool what Vicci has started here. I posted mine while you were leaving a message on my blog. I just added my pic to the beauty of decay, because all of them fit into the challenge in a way.

You too are long and leggy. I love seeing these pictures of each person. I agree with Vic. Post one where we can actually see your face. Not that mine shows my face any better. LOL

LisaOceandreamer said...

Look at YOU!! look at those long legs - you've always been a Tennessee Tall Gal! I want to see your face too! What wonderful memories of your FLA trips. Ah don't we all wish we still had some of our old looks, but as Vicci said we're still the same inside!
I posted some pics too.

Sacred Suzie said...

There is nothing better than a happy family vacation or rare in some cases. We had one growing up and it was the happiest I have ever been.

Just so you know, my pendants are made with polyshrink, LOL. Isn't it amazing what you can do with plastic that melts in the oven?!

Mary Timme said...

Ah Yes, well I never looked that good! You be lovely then as a girl. Now you are beautiful as a woman.