Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good day for some Art!

What a dreary, rainy day we have had today. But I kind of enjoyed it. I just sat in the Art room and created most of the day. Didn't have to feel guilty about not working out in the yard. It started raining last night. Daniel and I sat out in the sun room and played cribbage last night, and of course he beat me 2 games. He has been lucky lately, I usually beat him. It was nice sitting out there and listening to the rain and some good music.
Its suppose to get colder tonight. Not as bad as last week-end but they are saying some flurries in the morning. This has been the craziest spring I have ever seen. I think March thought it was suppose to be April and vice-versa.
The picture above is one of the ATCs I made today. My dear blogger friend Janet, sent me one last month that was made this way. She sent me a copy of book that had the directions in it, so I had to try it today. It actually opens up and this is what the inside looks like.
I really had fun with it. My scrapbook store that a friend owns is going to start having monthly ATC swaps. So I made 5 of these for the swap in May. The theme is Spring. I also made some in Pink too.
You can't really tell but the flowers on the inside have some glitter glue on them. I am going to make some more with different pictures on them. I also practice on my Donna Dewberry one stroke painting today too. She makes it look so easy but, ha,,its not. I have the DVD and I pause it alot and say "huh?" LOL. I may take a class at Michaels this summer on the technique.
Last month a dear friend that I work with went to the mountains on our spring break to renew her Wedding Vows for her 25th Wedding Anniversary. We had a little surprise shower for her the friday before Spring break. It was a gag gift presents. I had to make her something a little special to put her gift in. Its a box that I collaged so she can keep mementos of their trip. I didn't post pics of it when I made it but here are some pics of it now.

It was a fun little box to make. And she really liked it alot. This is what was inside of the box.
Hey, a girl's got to have some fuzzy, red cuffs for her 2nd Honeymoon. Pam has red hair and her face was as red as her hair when she openned up some of her presents. Of course we all forgot to bring our cameras to take pics of her, but it was fun!
I sure hope every one is having a wonderful week-end. I am even if it is rainy.


Mary Timme said...

You guys! How fun with just a touch of the ornery. I like that. Good for you. I like the ATC's too. You have really been busy!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love your art, so i cannot wait to receive the shadowbox!! you will love artfest, i cannot wait to go back, i have decided to go to artfiberfest which will be at the same place as much fun..take care

CattyCat said...

This ATC technique is really cool, but then I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that your skills were involved.

I posted a comment down below your youth filled pics.

Janet said...

I haven't been here for a few days and how fun to see the ATC you made, first thing.
The box is great and I love the gag gift!

Daisy Lupin said...

Yes the world's weather is really crazy at the moment, we are having really hot sunny weather, much warmer than normal April temps.
I love all these old photos that are going round the blogs at the moment, such fun.

Naturegirl said...

Today I recieved many blessings all wrapped up so special..Thank you Beth I recieved *it* today!I giggled with delight and I appreciate each treasure!Your creativity amazes me!hugs NG

AnnieElf said...

Love your ATCs. So unique and delicate in their appearance.