Thursday, March 01, 2007

Storms and Pain

Yes, I am home today. I am having some pretty bad pains in my back and my right leg, thanks to a disc or two that want to bulge and put pressure on a nerve that runs down into my leg. I can't sit for long periods unless my leg is stretched out. I went to the doctor yesterday and got the good old cortisone pack, muscle relaxers and pain pills. Just alternating between ice and heat. It should be better by tomorrow.
We are under a tornadoe watch until 6 tonight. We had one round of thunderstorms this morning and some severe ones expected by this afternoon. I am ready for spring, but not for tornadoes,,I do love thunderstorms as long as they are friendly,,lol. I am trying to get my computering in before the next round hits.
Last night we sat outside and grilled out as it was really nice yesterday up in the 70s, not bad for the last day of February. And there was a great moon out last night too. That is the pic above. Daniel and I both love the Moon and these pics turned out great thanks to the new toy.
And here is out little moon watching partner!!
Yes, its the spoiled rotten brat terrorist Lady,,lol. Isn't she the sweetest little poochy? She is very glad that Mommy is home today because she HATES thunderstorms,,she shivers and hunkers under my armpit as far as she can. When I got her she was kept in a pen outside and I am sure that is why she doesn't care for storms. She is strickly a inside dog(shhh, she doesn't think she is a dog.)
And the next pic is of my lovely hellebore plant that is blooming. I love this plant because it blooms in February.

I just love doing the macro shots of my flowers,,looking at the insides where all the stamen's and pistols, and that interesting stuff. I love the color of this flower,,just a slight tinge of pinkish-purple on the green.
And while we are on the Green subject. Below are pics of my 4 x 4s that I did for this month. Of course I had to do a St. Paddy's theme!

This is the saying that is on the back of each of theses. I Love this saying!
Well I guess I should turn off my computer again as I hear some thunder in the distance. If I get a chance I will try to post later today. Also try to read some of my fave blogs too.
Hope every one has a artful day!


Kai said...

Ohh..Beth, love pickie of the moon!! This weekend there is a total Lunar eclipse on Sat. I think it begins about 9ish EST. the last time it happened the full moon turned red! was awesome.. :)
Love your puppie!!teehee..
Peace, Kai.

Tammy said...

I only wish I knew how to do "macro" shots...any hints??
Also that is the most awesome moon shot ever!!

Daisy Lupin said...

Beautiful moon picture Beth, I just love to see big moons like that. I never realised that you lived in such a tornado prone area, it would terrify me. I hate storms. Well I love the power of them but I am scared of them. Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good with aches and pains.

Mary Timme said...

Lady is a keeper that is for sure. Our dogs were never out in a storm and yet some of them were nervous about them and some weren't. Neat photos.

sammy said...

Beth, these green are awesome! You had wrote on my blog that you wish you could do sewing stuff... me I wish I could do paper stuff like you do! Awesome work!

Cat said...

I'm sorry to hear of the back pain! Bad for you, but yes, good for Lady to have you home during the scarry thunder boomers. I bet her hyper little self just wanted to curl up next to you instead of run around!

I'll have to get a recent pic of Blue posted.

What pretty Feburary blooms!

Cat said...

Oh and I love your green art!!!

Janet said...

I hope you're feeling better and that the storms weren't too bad. I love that moon photo!! And the flower is beautiful, too. You're just having too much fun with that new camera!!
Your March art is all the St. Patrick's Day stuff. You're so creative.

miss*R said...

that flower is a lenten rose, I think.. gorgeous plants. I like to pick a whole bunch and put them into a little glass vase. I love the photo of the moon - it is full moon here right now and it is awesome..
hope your back is feeling much better xo

Rosa said...

Poor you. Ouch, that sounds horrible. I hope it's not that new bed hurting your back! I lurve your ATCs, especiall the one with the dried flowers at the end. Sending you soft hugs, my bud.