Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break at last!!!

Yes, I am now officially on Spring Break!!! YAY !!! My goodness, I am sure every one has thought I have completely disappeared from Bloggersville. Not true!! My days at work have become more intense! When your a Truancy Officer, spring can be your enemy. The dear children get spring fever and think its alot more fun to ditch school and have fun in the sun. Not to say I can blame them, but if I have to work, well by golly they have to come to school. LOL
So I have spent the last few weeks trying to convince them that they must come to school as its not fun to be going to court.
Yesterday we spent 3 hours locked down in the school building. The police were on an intense man hunt for a 17 year old who was locked up in a secure facility who managed to escape when he was at a doctor's visit. He had shackles and handcuffs on and was missing in action for 3 hours in our area. NO,,he was not one of our students, but we have to go in lock down when there are dangerous situations in our vicinity. You are locked in the building, you can't go out and no one comes in. You keep the kids in their class rooms until there is an "all clear" call. Now keep 1200 teenagers locked into classrooms for 3 hours and see how much fun that is. So you see why my job isn't the most wonderful job in the world. Its worse for the teachers though. I do admire them for the jobs they do and how little pay they get.
So enough about that. I am free for the next 8 days, and I am going to have some fun.

Tomorrow Mom and I will being going to Tunica for the night to win big money in the casinos there. Hey, its St. Paddys day,,we will have to be lucky right?
I did manage to post my prizes for Lisa's
One World-One Heart give away. Please sign up if you think you might like the prizes. Not alot, but right now its about the best I can do.
I will be posting alot more next week,,PROMISE!! I really do miss all my friends here and think of you all constantly! Please have a wonderful St. Patricks Day tomorrow. And wish me luck in Tunica tomorrow! And,,,,,,
Sign up in the post below for the give away!!!


Tammy said...

I live a block away from a middle school...I saw some kids galavanting around the neighborhood yesterday when they should have been in!!


I absolutely love tulip trees like the one in your picture here. I bet you are really looking forward to no school on Monday. Lucky you, and lucky kids to all get your time away to enjoy spring a bit. Next stop summer vacation. For me next stop retirement.

Rosa said...

Man, that sounds crazy. See what happens when I leave town?