Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Enjoying my break!!!

After the wonderfully, fun week-end in Tunica, I have enjoyed being with Mom this week. We have been pretty busy. Yesterday we got up and went to the bank to deposit most of our winnings. Then headed to Target, then of course we went to Michaels and bought quite a few things that we just "had to have". So now you know we didn't put all of our $ in the bank, lol.
Yesterday afternoon we worked on a few artsy stuff at my house. Then last night we watched "Dancing with the Stars" I am not really impressed with the stars on there this year. I do admire Paul's ex-wife that has the prosthetic leg. Sorry I can't think of her name, its late. But she danced amazing well, better than I could with two legs. Of course Joey from Nysnc could dance well, that was no surprise. I hope the show gets better next week.
Today I brought Mom home and I cleaned her house really good for her. Then we put together her "Spring Tag" books that she hosted. I will show pics of mine tomorrow, its very pretty. We are mailing them out tomorrow. This afternoon we did some more artsy stuff, and tonight we watched American Idol. Its not too bad this year, I do think Melinda is the best and of course I am partial as she is from Nashville, but she sings excellent. Don't get me started on Shanghi or whatever his name is,, why is he still on there? I think its because of the little girls like the one that was boo hooing tonight when he was singing,,he just reminds me too much of Michael Jackson.
I did get my new book today that I ordered from Amazon last week. Its called "Pretty Little Things" and its by Sally Jean Alexander. She shows how to do some excellent soldering projects that I am dying to try. Her art is just amazing. This is the front of the book.

She has some great eye candy in it, and wow, what a cool studio she has. Here is a link to her website too. Its, go and check out her awesome pendants that she makes, also lots of other delightful art.
Well tomorrow is the big day for the
One World-One Heart drawing. I have had several friends sign up for my pendant and bracelet. I am wishing everyone the best of luck.
Now I must get in bed as it is late. I am spending the night with Mom, then going home in the morning. I will post my winner tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a great evening!!!!

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Cat said...

Happy Spring Beth! I hadn't read you last couple posts - wow - that's all I can say! Congrats to your smiling Mom!

Looks like a fun book, sounds like more projects for Beth!

Hi to Lady, Blue is doing real good.