Friday, March 09, 2007

Spring fever!!!!

I can't believe that its been a week since I have posted here in my little blog. I am feeling bad that I have ignored it for a week, but its been a busy one at work. When the weather turns nice and spring has sprung, well, my kids at work decide its time to bail on school and have fun. Can't say as I blame them, I want to do the same thing, lol.
It certainly has felt very springy this week. Temps have been in the 60s and 70s and sunny every day. So when I get home,,I am out playing in the flower beds or just chillin in my pond zone. Can't bring myself to stay inside after being inside all day on a computer. So if I am missing in action during this time of year that is the reason.
The back is finally hurting less but still taking it easy on doing alot of bending. Thats hard to do when I have alot of flower beds that are begging for attention. I just get my handy dandy cart and sit and roll on it and clean out the beds and talk to the flowers.
On my last post I spouted out that I was going to do a contest and I am still going to do it. My I think I am going to wait and combine it with Lisa from "Heart of the nest" One Heart-One Art" event. Its just a little simple contest, but it will be easier on me to do it then as I am will be on a wonderful Springbreak that week. OH I can't wait,,just one more week of work and then off for a week YAY!!!
I have did make a new artsy project last sunday. I joined my friend Dotee's doll swap as I just think they are so cute and had to give it a shot. So of course I had to make one to see if I actually have any talent in making the Dotee Dolls. So here is my very first Dotee Doll.

I think she turned out pretty darn cute. She is bigger than the ones I am making for the swap. Well I don't know if you can see the writing on the charm on her necklace, but it says "breathe" on it. I have a very dear friend named Jeanie that lives in Michigan who just had surgery on her sinsuse. So, I sent her in a care package to Jeanie. I hope she likes her. I also made a little collaged microscope pendant for her too.
Its not a real good picture, but its fun to make these little charms. But I am really hyped about the dolls, fun to sew again. I still have a few art quiltie pages to make and hope to get them done while I am on my break. Mom is going to stay with me during my break as my step-dad is going to be in Oklahoma visiting his sons.
So, next saturday on St. Paddy's day, Mom and I are going to Tunica, Mississippi. I know your thinking what the heck is in Tunica. Well its just like Las Vegas but instead of casinos in the desert, they are in cotton fields. We like to go every once in a while, I have never been very lucky there but Mom is the Slot Queen. She will win alot, I come home broke. Its really fun to go on St. Paddy's day because they have alot of fun contests. And we just have fun getting away for the night. It takes about 3 hours to get there, its on the other side of Memphis. While I am headed that way I am going to pick up some brochures at the rest stop on Elvis, as I am doing a altered tin swap and the girl I am to send too loves Elvis.
Tomorrow I am going to go up to Moms because the scrapbook store where she lives is going out of business and is having a hugh sale,,its a must go too,,lol. Then tomorrow afternoon my good friend Ginny is coming over to spend the night. She use to live next door and now lives several miles away in another city, so its always nice to see her and get to visit with her.
Well now I am going to go visit my friends blogs and hope they haven't forgot who I am,,lol. I promise to do better,,but spring has sprung and I have the fever. Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end.


Cat said...

You bet your Dotee Doll turned out pretty darn cute! It's adorable!
Your charm is neat too!

YES! You have to try crazy quilting - it is so easy and so forgiving! No matching corners! And when you do try.. do it with NO RULES, like a collage... and it'll be way neat. You can follow traditional ways or you can simply lay pieces together on some iron-on pellon, iron them down & start stitching. Let me know if I can help at all.

Hugs from me &
Zig Zags thru the yard from Blue to Lady.

Gemma said...

Hi...the great thing about the One heARt give away is meeting so many talented bloggers. Your blog and your work is very cute...looking forward to seeing your give away.

Tammy said...

I just LOVED the pictures of the "March Flowers"!!
Hurry up springtime!!

Mary Timme said...

I can hardly wait for your giveaway and I like the 'dolls' you had pictured. This is really fun as I was wondering what was going on with your this week. Nice to see you back!

Rosa said...

Those are gorgeous!! Both the doll and the slide. You are getting good at that soldering gf! How beautiful! I got my post card swap and Bethy, yours is absolutely breathtaking!! I am so happy I got yours!! xoxo

Cat said...

Your dafodils are great, I barely have little green nubbies poking out of the winter blah so far.

I posted a picture of Blue for Lady. Come see him!

Jeanie said...

Jeanie loves it, loves it, loves it, loves it...!!!!

The doll is a wonderful reminder to do something that is still a challenge -- breathe -- and the charm is exquisite! The pin, too! More off-blog, but thank you, my friend!

dogfaeriex5 said...

i love your dotee doll, she is so beautiful and i love that wild doll!! great job!! i hope that i get one of your dolls in return!!

AnnieElf said...

She's adorable Beth. Dottee started SOME fever didn't she? These little ladies are popping up all over.


Girlfriend you do such great work. The doll is adorable. I'm glad to see your daffodils are coming into your life. That is always such a great sign. Hope you get your 9 soon. Be sure to post them and hope Lottie does it too.

Jeanie said...

Good luck at slots and all your St. Patrick's Day fun!

Daisy Lupin said...

It's so great to see signs of spring everywhere. I do hope that your back is getting better. There is nothing worse than a back back when you are desperate to garden. It happened to me last year. I love the microscope slide, beautiful.


Hey Beth thanks for joining my first Swap-bot lead with the three #5 tags. We have 3 swappers already, so it is definitely a go. More will join in as it gets closer to the top. It is so burried down on the list right now. Anyway thanks.