Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sundays treasures!

No, I didn't get blown away to Oz yesterday, lol. I bet after yesterdays post you wondered if I would ever post again,,he he!! Well, we did get some pretty good thunderstorms here last night and some wind, but nothing like our Arkansas neighbors to the west of us recieved. They had a few tornadoes, and so did Texas, Mississippi, and Oklahoma.
The stampers meeting was fun and we made several greeting cards. We have several members who sell "Stampin Up" stamps. They had made up some little kits with all the materials we needed to make cards. We bought them for $1 each, which is cheap for a homemade card,lol.
Then we had a nice lunch. Mom and I headed home around 1ish as I wanted to be home before the weather got rough.
Last night our electricity went out and I was in the art room making a 4 x 4. Daniel was asleep, I had to find my lighter , light a candle and then get the flashlight. I finished my piece with the help of the flashlight,,is that dedication or what? The power only stayed out for about an hour, but it was late so I went on to bed.
Oh,,when I got home yesterday I had some wonderful surprises that came in the mail.
I was in a homemade bead swap in the Swap-bot. So I recieved some wonderfully amazing beads yesterday for a very talented artist, her name is Natana. She is from Houston, Texas and she is an amazing Polymer Clay artist. Check out the beads she sent to me, they are just precious.

She sent them in the little oriental change purse. There is a little frog, bumble bee, duckie, 2 little cute oriental ladys, and some flower beads, lady bug, and the other beads have amazing designs in them. And I went to look at her Flicker pic albums,,she has 2 new twin babies and they are so cute, she also has a handsome little boy too. How in the world does she have time to create these wonderful beads! She said she came and looked at my blog before she made them. She saw that I loved gardening and being outdoors,,so she made them just for me. I am going to make the coolest necklace out of them. Thanks Natana,,I really do Love them!!!
So next package was from a 4 x 4 swap on Swap-bot. We had to try a new technique. And this is from a artist named Susi. She got the idea from Traci Bautista's book called "Collage unleashed", thats a book that I have been debating on purchasing, and she described on the back of the piece about how she made it. Isn't it cool? Love it!

I love the verse on it too, matches it perfectly. Then the next one is a 4 x4 from a sweet artist in one of my groups named Billie. She lives in Arkansas, hoping she didn't get damage from the storms yesterday. Her 4 x 4 is a Mardi Gras theme,,it is excellent!
It even has Mardi Gras beads, gold coins, and a feather. I Love Mardi Gras!
Next piece is by another member of the same group. She lives in the same hometown as my Mother-in-law, Sequim, Washington. Its on the Pugent Sound and a beautiful place to live. I Love this piece too, I even have the same stamp. Its so cool to see how others use the same stamps that you have, this one is from Colleen.

Today I spent most of the day in the art room. I had several 4 x 4s to make. I also made a ATC that is for my card of the month partner this month. I used my metal tape technique that I learned from my Bernie Berlin ATC technique book. I stamped the daisys on the tape, then embossed them, painted a thin coat of black acrylic paint over it, after it dried I wiped the paint off with a damp rag, it left the paint in the embossed areas. I love using this technique,,its easier than embossing on real metal.
I also finished up my deco ATC cards for Maryellen's swap( you will get them week ME). I am not going to post them cause I want her to be surprised. I hope I did them right,lol. I will post the 4 x 4s that I did today on tomorrow's post. The are ST. Paddy themed.
I sure hope everyone had a wonderful week-end. I sure did, just wish it didn't have to end. But I am thankful that we didn't have any Tornadoes. Always something to be Thankful for, right?


Janet said...

Wow, Beth, I don't know what to comment on first! Those beads are fantastic! And the 4 4's you received are so different and so cool....and then there's your ATC made with the metal tape...LOVE it. I have to try that technique. I have Bernie's book, too.
Glad you didn't get any bad storms. I can just see you working by flashlight!!

Maryellen said...

Beth you know there is no wrong witht he 9 for 9 least you covered them entirely, which I doubt very much. Look forward to seeing your version. Each person is so unique. Will make 9 great collections.

Your Mark Twain quote page makes me dizzy just to try to look at it. Yikes. Love the quote and the art though. Good work.

dogfaeriex5 said...

you always have the neatest things on your blog, i love stopping by!

Blue the Spa Girl said...

THankful is good. I like that attitude.
THe polymer clay beads are so cool!!! I love them.
Your purple art card with the ribbon is beautiful.

Rosa said...

I love your flowers on your metal! Too sweet!! You are too cute working under flashlight and firelight, you cooky friend. You're like me, once you start, you don't stop until it's done. miss you.

Mary Timme said...

Good grief, girl! Talk about decication! Working by flashlight and candle! You are amazing! And so many different swaps! I'm just well...speechless?