Monday, March 19, 2007

Lucky Lottie hit the Jackpot !!!

Why yes, my wonderful mother hit it big in Tunica this week-end. She was so lucky. We got there on Saturday afternoon, checked into our motel and went to our favorite Casino, Sam's Town. She preceded to win about $500 saturday night, while I lost, lol. We went back there on Sunday morning. I won back my $ and she won $1000, then we played a little longer. I was on a machine next to her and she calmly looked over and said "I just won $5000!" I was like "WHAT ?" I jumped up and looked at her machine and she had 3 Wild Cherrys on the payline!!! She was in total shock,lol. I was jumping up and down and everyone around us had to rush over and gawk and congratulate her. So,,we got the money and headed home, feeling very lucky! She even gave me, her chauffeur, a nice fat tip!!! It was a great week-end. Usually we drive home feeling very broke and very depressed, but not this trip!!! I am so happy for her! And I think she will remember this fun time for a very long time!!
I am off work this week for spring break, and you know we are headed to Michaels this morning with our coupons and winnings. Of course we will stop by the bank first and deposit most of the chunk. She is going to use alot of it for our trip to New York in June to see our dear friend Jane!
We are going to try to go see "The phantom of the Opera" on Broadway, if Mom is up too it.
I just had to post the cute pic of Mom and her winnings.
I hope everyone else had a great week-end too. I will try to post more this week since I am on break.


Janet said...

Oh, that's fantastic!! Congrats to Lottie! I'm so happy she won some serious cash for the trip to NYC. And a little Michael's shopping too!

vicci said...

WOW!!!!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!!! Congrats to Lottie!!!!!! Oh my gosh! how fun!!!!!!! :-)

Tammy said...

It's so wonderful to see her win...look at that big ol' smile!!

Dotee said...

What fanatastic news Beth!! What a great win (wins) for your mum...Love the photo of her (she looks quite chuffed with herself).

Glad she gave you a big tip too!

Your trip to NY in June sounds wonderful. Phantom of the Opera is one of my most favorite musicals. Hope you get to see it.

Sounds like you are enjoying your spring break - am sure your trip to Michaels went well (one day I am going to visit that store when I come over to the US!!).


What a sweetyly unique picture. Not often one gets to fan out that much money. Couldn't have happened to a better gal.

Helen said...

Congratulations to your Mum Beth. What a win! Lottie? Maybe Lady Luck?
Enjoy yourselves at the opera.
Love your blog.

Rosa said...

How exciting!!! I am so happy for your mom!! Give your momma a big ol' high five!! (then a smack on the bottom like they do in football!)