Friday, March 02, 2007

Mail Art makes me feel better!

Now wasn't this a wonderful surprise to come home and find in your mailbox? This is a friendship quilt piece that my very talented, dear friend, Lisa sent to me. She knows what I truly love, flowers and nature. She just amazes me with the work she put into this awesome art. Thank you so very much Lisa,,I just LOVE it!!! And thanks for the cute notepads and my favorite kind of papers you included with it. I will treasure this so much!
Next pic is of some wonderful bookmarks that I recieved in a swap from my ATC group, hosted by my dear friend Colleen.
Dee T.
Pam C.
Sue K.
I just love bookmarks, espiecally ones this pretty. I hate to dog ear book corners and always use bookmarks.
Next are some great St. Paddy ATC cards that I got from swap partner in swap-bot. Her name is Sarah, and she did a terrific job of these ATCs.

And the last pics are my St. Paddy ATCs that I did for my partners on swap-bot.

Yesterday's storms were not so fierce here in Tennessee, but our friends to the south in Alabama and Georgia were hit pretty hard. A High School in southern Alabama was destroyed by a Tornadoe and several children were killed. Also several in Georgia were killed too. It was a rough day and its not even spring yet. I hope this is the way spring is going to be this year.
I went back to work today but still having pain in my back and leg. Hopefully tomorrow it will ease up some.
I have decided to have a little contest tomorrow. So please come back and visit my blog tomorrow or sunday. Its a easy contest, all you have to do is pick a number. More details tomorrow.
Have a great rest of the evening and come back tomorrow!!!


Tammy said...

All of these are so lovely...I would love to have a bookmark tracing the route from my Ohio home to Ky...that would be awesome!!
PS...could you email me at've just started answering comments by email and I guess I need yours...
And OH BOY on the contest tomorrow!!!

Rosa said...

I love all the green! They are all so pretty. I know, these storms starting so early scare me. Lordy, looks like we're in for a long season of winds. My birds are having a hard time at it. I had to go out and rewire one of my bird feeders as the wire broke today that held it to the hanger. The poor birds were holding on for dear life as it swung to and fro!!
I'm picking the number 3 before anyone else!! That's my favorite number!

Mary Timme said...

Those are such cool bookmarks, I think I'd even use them! And I love your St Pat's day cards, too. Neat-0 as we used to say.

Cat said...

You do have some way talented friends! Love all this art.

vicci said...

Hi Sweets...Just checking in....the temps are finally warmer...the snow is melted..hope all is okay your way!


The things you got are really nice Beth, and I know what you mean about the mail making you feel better. But your St. Paddy's Day cards are really going to make some people happy. Swap-bot can be fun. I have yet to be in a swap you are in, that I know of anyway.

Looking forward to getting your package tomorrow, I hope.

LisaOceandreamer said...

well I could swear I posted...anyway, I am so happy liked the Friendship Piece!
and look at all that green splendor, fantastic! What is this contest you speak of? hmmm
I would love to see you in ONE World-ONE HeART!


You OK Beth. You are posting slower than me, and that is saying a lot. LOL

Wanna see sumpin cute, go see my Zetti Doll on my blog. I couldn't resist trying.

Am mailing you your 9 Art Deco ATCs tomorrow.