Saturday, February 24, 2007

Saturday and storms

So glad its the week-end. I live for the week-ends when I am working. 2 days just for me, thats the best. Mom and I are going to our monthly Stamper's group meeting. Its a few towns away and we have to be there by 9:a.m., but we are leaving early to come home. We are expecting some severe storms this afternoon and tonight. Thats the worse part of spring here, as tornadoes can form very easily with these spring storms. I have been through too many tornadoes, none that have ever directly hit my house or any of my loved ones homes, but just to see them rolling over your head and know it could touch down and wipe away every thing and every one you love, well its a fear like you have never known. I have seen complete towns totally wiped out by these fierce acts of mother nature. As a child I grew up in northern Alabama and on one wednesday night when I was about 12, we had over 8 tornadoes hit our area. It was the most scariest night of my life. We were spared, but hundreds of people were not and lost their lives or their homes. I remember riding through neighborhoods were nothing was left but the concrete slabs were homes actually sat. It was so sad.
A few years ago I had to get under a bridge and huddle with several scared motorists when a tornadoe roared over us. Believe me when I say that everyone was saying the Lord's prayer and crying. It actually hit downtown Nashville and blew out windows in skyscrappers.
Last spring several hit areas north of us and wiped out several communities. One young mother rushed her children to the basement and covered them with her body as the house fell in on them. She was paralyzed from the waist down. Her children were unharmed. Now I think that is the best mother in the world. The show "Extreme Home make overs" rebuilt a brand new home for the family this summer, and it was a great home made just for her disabilities. It even has a safe room in the middle of the house, just in case more tornadoes ever hit, the room will protect them. I wish all houses built down here in the south could have rooms like that.
Well, I guess I better hit the shower and prepare for my day. Sorry for the scary post, but its just a reality here for us.
Hope every one has a great week-end!


Janet said...

I grew up in the Midwest where tonadoes are common, too and you're right....they are scary! I hope your day is beautiful and no storms mar your ride home. Make lots of goodies to show us, give your mom a late Happy Birthday from me, and just have fun.

Tammy said...

I hate storm scarey!!!

Mary Timme said...

I grew up in Nebraska and one year we had one touch down within half a mile of our house. I don't remember much of it as I was sick with measles and Dad said we had to go down in the cellar. They wrapped me in blankets and Mom was scolding me because I wanted to put my feet on the dirt floor. That was the last thing I remembered for 3 weeks as I went into a coma right after that and lost a lot of time. But they are scary!

Maryellen said...

Beth this is very educational being from Cali and never ever being anywhere near a tornado. I cannot imagine how frightening it is to see the sky descend upon buildings and people and leaving a path of such total destruction. I know that if I ever saw such a thing I would move. I woudl not stay.

Hope your stamping class was fun.

vicci said...

Checkin on you Sweets...It's raining here right now like crazy! I do love storms!! The wilder the better! Your picture is awesome!

Rosa said...

Hey Bethy, poking my head up to see what's happening 'round here. That was so sad about that woman, but what a woman. She got that beautiful home built which she deserved! Yes, storm season is just about on us. Let's hope it's a quiet year. I can't believe you had to hide under an overpass! OMG. How scarey!!! xoxo