Tuesday, February 13, 2007

More Goodies!!!

Oh how I wish I could have a birthday every week, lol! Its so thrilling to come home from a long day of working and find a mailbox full of treats! I just feel so LOVED! And so blessed to have so many incredibly talented friends who send me their Love in these awesome packages!
So I will start off with the Wonderful ATC that Lucky me won from Janet in her giveaway last week! It is a beautiful felt and bead creation. I love her embroidery skills, they are amazing. And doesn't this just get you into the Valentine mood?

It's a beauty and so thankful I got lucky enough to win it! Janet also sent me a slew of great goodies in my package too !!! Thanks Janet!
Next ATC is from a very sweet friend in one of my groups. She is from Hawaii, her name is Charlotte, the little square in the middle opens up to say
" Aloha Beth-Haouoli la hanou! Which I am pretty sure means Happy Birthday in Hawaii.

So precious as Charlotte is so sweet. She cares for her disabled husband and doesn't have alot of time on her hands, it means so much when she sends me cards, she also sent me several beautiful papers too.
Next ATC is from my friend Jan who is also in one of my groups, and another excellent artist.

I love the rich gold trim on it,,very unique!!
The next one is another group friend name Joena. Again,,excellent artist(there really is no bad art is there?)

It was a Southwestern card, one of my fave themes.
Next ATC, from another group friend, Laura. I have done several trades with her and just adore her art. She also made the greeting card below the ATC. The little boy on the ATC is her Dad back in 1929,,love it!

The quote on the card is also one of my favorite quotes!
The next two Greeting cards are from 2 very lovely friends who are in my local rubber stamping group "The Sassy Stampers".

So now you have soon my loot for the past two days. I am feeling very proud right now. And,,I got an early Birthday/ Valentine present last night too. My sweet hubby bought me a new King size mattress and box springs that I have been yearning for a long time. He came in and told me to close my eyes. He put a reciept in my hands. I openned my eyes and it was for a mattress store. I scream with delight!! I asked when it would be delivered. He grinned and said "uh well its in my truck now". He couldn't wait for them to deliver it, had to have then and now,,thats my Daniel. I was amazed that he had it strapped to his small Mazda truck, and very thankful that he didn't take the interstate home, lol. So we brought it in and set it up. I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud! Best nights sleep I have had in many years! The man spoils me!
Well I sure hope every one has a Great Valentines Day tomorrow. Its a day of Love, and Love makes the World go round!!!


Rosa said...

No fair! You got yours before I got mine! hehe. Oh, I can't wait to try ours out tomorrow nite. IM or call me tomorrow, gf, and tell me how well you slept, giggle, nothing more, please. hehe. What a wonderful gift! Love your new ATCs too!

Anonymous said...

Your ATC's are GREAT!

Mary Timme said...

Wow! You did make out like a bandit! What great ATC's! And what a great and to me romantic Valentine's Day present. How great is that! That ones a keeper!