Saturday, February 17, 2007

Snowy Saturday and more Presents!

Yes, it snowed here all day today. We had a inch this morning, but this afternoon it warmed up to 35, kept snowing but didn't stick. Now the temps are falling and its sticking again. I haven't stuck my big toe out all day, lol. I have been inside working on my Mom's birthday presents. I have them finished and I think she will like them. Shhhh,,I can't show you them today,,but maybe tomorrow after I give them to her.
She is going to come down and spend the night tomorrow night and we get to spend the day together on Monday as I am off for Presidents day.
Yesterday I spent most of the day in the emergency room with my son. He had another cyst on his tonsils, 6 hours we were there. They finally lanced the cysts and now at 22 years old he is going to have his tonsils removed. The doctors said its going to be rough one him. As a child he never had strep or tonsilitus,,his sister kept strep and had to have her tonsils removed when she was 12. They put him on antibiotics for the next 2 weeks, then he will goe back and they will set up a date to take them out. And of course he starts a new job in two weeks. Hoping his employers will be understanding when he has to be off for a week. They will do it on a out patient basis, unless complications arrive. The doctors told me they have never seen tonsils as big as his are,,(oh great). But we don't care about the job,,his health is more important. I am rather worried about all this, but trust that all will turn out ok.
On Thursday I had an excellent birthday. Of course I got to be off for snow, and it all melted by noon. So,,I met my dear friend Rosie at our favorite scrapbook store. We bought some wonderful Italian papers and got a nice price for them. She got me hooked on those wonderful papers. See her blog to see pics of them. After the scrapbook store we went to Starbucks and sat and had some great warm drinks and yakked our heads off. I swear,,I feel like I have known her forever, I am so thankful to have met her and its all because of blogging.
Of course that girl had me a wonderful present. Some wonderful teas, very pretty teas and the little trays that went with them. I have not tried them yet,,just savoring the beauty of them.

The actual tea bags are pretty too, I sure am looking forward to sipping some of the best tea that I have probably ever had in my life. Ms. Rosie has wonderful taste, she is a world wide traveler, but yet she is the most down to earth person I have met in a long time. She even brought me the best cupcake I have ever put in my mouth(and yes, I did let Daniel have some too). Thanks for making my birthday so special, Rosemary,,luv ya Girl!
So last night after I got home from the long day in the emergency room, I had a nice package waiting on me. It was from another wonderful friend, Jeanie. She lives in Lansing, Michigan. We met through the website called Artella. She was my Spring Sprite last year. You traded art with your partner for March and April. I lucked up and she got my name. We have become very close friends. We e-mail each other all the time and still send presents to each other. And my goodness, that girl is so talented. I talked her into trying ATCs, and wow, you would have thought she had been doing them forever. I talked her into joining one of my favorite groups and she has been a wonderful addition to the group. Her art is amazing! So, my package was a wonderful paper mache box that she had painted and decorated for me. She knows how much I love my flowers and she is a flower lover too. The box is holding my seeds as she decorated it in a garden theme. I just LOVE it!!

See how many packages of seeds it will hold. I am must itching to start diggin and sow seeds.
Thank- you Jeanie,,you know I am going to treasure that box forever. And I know you and I are going to meet someday soon. Michigan isn't that far away.
The next picture is what I have been playing with lately. I have been making collaged microscope slide pendents. I am actually soldering them and it boy, it takes some practice, but I am finally getting the hang of soldering. Its really fun! I will make them into necklaces, as you can see I have already made one. And yes Mom,,that might be one of your surprises, as I know you will want it anyways, lol.

Its not a real good picture I know, but I didn't want to turn my flash on and it was getting dark outside, I will take some better pics of them tomorrow. Daniel thinks its so cool that I am soldering. Of course he went out and bought me some cool toys to do all of this with a few weeks ago.
Well this is probably enough for tonight. I think I am going to go out in the sunroom and watch it snow some more. We have flood lights that shine out on our backyard and the falling snow is so pretty at night.
I hope every one has been having a really nice week-end. I have enjoyed it alot!!!


Daisy Lupin said...

You are certainly having a wonderful weekend, apart from you son's tonsils, hope everything goes ok. You received some wonderful mail there so you are a lucky lade.

Gail said...

Your birthday just keeps going! Such wonderful gifts. I really like the new things you are making, so many possibilities there
Will be saying a prayer for your son. Well I'm off to check out Rosie, I love SCRAPBOOKING.

Kentucky Gal said...

all very nice...but the seed there's an idea!!

Maryellen said...

You sure are one popular gal Beth. Did you get what I sent you? I'm wondering if snail mail is living up to its name. LOL

Jeanie said...

Hi, Beth -- the pendants are absolutely glorious. Those will be tons of fun to make! Hope all's well with your sun. Take care.