Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A touch of Spring!!!

It sure felt alot different today than it did this week-end. We were up in the mid 50s today and it was wonderful. I came home from work this afternoon and spent several hours in the yard raking leaves and pruning. I difinitly have spring fever. I know we will have several more cold spells, but I also know that warmer weather is not far off.
Below are a couple of 4 x 4s that I did for a swapbot swap.

The next pics are of some postcards I made for a altered postcard swap. I used scans of the old postcards that I bought at a antique store and then layered them with transparencies. Then edged them with silver tape.

I am tired tonight so I will say good night to everyone and I hope everyone has a great evening!


AnnieElf said...

Cool postcards beth. One of the many swaps at the site, yes?

Janet said...

The postcards are really cool. I might have to scan some of my old ones and give this a try! You just keep giving me ideas, Beth!!

Jeanie said...

The postcards are wonderful! Wish I'd joined this swap!!!

Kentucky Gal said...

I've got spring fever too...and although we've had some rain we still can't see the yard yet...sigh...it is up to 35ยบ here today so that is a good thing...HEAT WAVE!!!
I love all of your work...so creative and pretty!!

Mary Timme said...

Okay, so everyone but me, knows what a swapbot is. Help!? What is it.

Rosa said...

Bethy! They are beautiful! I love the transparencies. I'm going to have to try that, now that you gave me some to try! Gee, I wish I could get motivated to work outside and on artwork!

Gail said...

Just getting caught up on the last two of your posts...what a blessing you Feb. girls have, sharing the same birth month,enjoy each other. And wow girl this is some great stuff you've been making. I like the idea of the ATC holder and the old post cards.

Daisy Lupin said...

Lovely postcards. Yes, the weather is getting warmer here, but I am resisting going out to plant the order I have just received from the plant nursery. I will check what the weather is like on Sunday, most of the plants will survive any bad spells of weather which I am sure we have still to come.

LisaOceandreamer said...

WOW Beth I really, really like how you did the transparencies over the postcard, what a gREAt Idea!
I also think it's so sweet the way you and your mom get together for art.
Spring seems to be coming and going here - one or two days I FEEL it and it's beautiful...then bam, rain and gray!
Your new camera really takes beautiful photos!