Friday, February 02, 2007


Yes,,we finally got our snow!!! I woke up at 3 a.m. and it was coming down. I sat out in the sunroom and watched it snow. It is so pretty!!
Daniel went out and spread alot of bird seed for our other pets!
Of course I am off work since all the schools in our area are shut down. We have alot of traffic accidents too, we just aren't use to driving in this wonderful white stuff!! Going to out and take more pics!!!
I will post more later!!!


Jeanie said...

Your pictures are beautiful! I'm glad you got your snow (I wish I could send you ours!).

Boy, they don't close schools in Michigan when it snows -- how I'd love to be able to go shoot beautiful bushes and trees and birds (or snug in and do art!).

Enjoy it, Beth. I know you've waited a long time!

Maryellen said...

The photos are great, but I got a chill looking at them. Hope you have a great weekend too Beth.

dogfaeriex5 said...

your pictures are very beautiful especially the birds!!! love the birds....xox~k

Kentucky Gal said...

even though we have plenty of snow here...I enjoyed each and every one of the snow pics you shared...the one of the sun glistening through the trees is awesome and I've always loved to watch the birds feed on top of snow!!

Rosa said...

Oh yea, those birdies look happy! Thanks for feeding them since I messed up on mine! hehe. xo

AnnieElf said...

Love the splash of red from the cardinals on the snow. We don't have cardinals around here.