Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Wonderful mail from friends!!!!

I have been so lucky the past few days! I have received some wonderful art surprises in the mail. Some of the art is presents for my birthday next week. Last week I got this wonderful card from my dear friend Jeanie in Michigan.

She also made me this beautiful birthday ATC!

Aren't they so cool? She made the Birthday card with a picture she took on her vacation to Las Vegas in December. And the ATC is so cool!
Yesterday I recieved some excellent art too.
First off I got 2 very beautiful ATCs from Sweet Janet! The felt one is the one I told her I would love to have.
She also sent me this other little lovely valentine ATC too!!!
Thank you so much Sweet Janet!! And I really think you have been making these for a very long time!! They are now on my display photo tree!
Then today I got a wonderful surprise from my dear friend Jane in NY. She made me the coolest altered box. Its made out of teak wood, real light. She really did some wonderful art in on this baby! She also made me an mini altered cd, it is precious too! Here is a pic of both.

Also another couple of really nice friends from my groups sent me a ATC and a Birthday tag. Laura from NY made the ATC below.

And Candy from Texas made the beautiful tag below!
The next pictures are Greeting cards that members of the Tennessee Stampers group have sent to me. There are some talented friends in that group too!

I also recieved several swaps in the mail too! The first is an Altered Valentine CD, its so pretty!

Below are some wonderful ATCs from a sweet lady in the Netherlands. This is the first time I have recieved any ATCs from the Netherlands, I have several from other countries.

And the one below is from another swap, this lady lives in the UK!
I am not apologizing for this long blog. At least its all very PRETTY EYE CANDY!!! Instead of my blabbering about snow. Today it warmed up to almost 50 degrees and melted most of the rest of the snow. It is suppose to be colder again tomorrow and maybe another chance of the white stuff on Thursday-Friday. Personally I am ready for spring, ready to dig in the dirt and watch all my flowers pop up. I got my snow, so bring on spring! lol.
Hope everyone is well and have a great evening!!!


Betzie said...

Wow Gail, can I be your friend too??? :-))
Wonderful mail for sure! You are so lucky to have so many friends, I'm sure it's no doubt because you are a good friend!
Thanks for sharing!

Betzie said...

Ooooooppppssss...I called you Gail and I meant "Beth"! So sorry, it's my brain these days...

Janet said...

You definitely hit the jackpot with mail! I love all the lovely birthday wishes and all the altered cds.

Mary Timme said...

Wow, Beth, You really got a lot of wonderful things in the mail. Each one of them is an absolute keeper!

LisaOceandreamer said...

HOLEY MOLEY! That is quite a wonderful array of lovely art you received. You have quite a collection going...all very well deserved and a dear way to know your special day is celebrated.

Cat said...

Happy Birthday! You sure make a haul of wonderful goodies!

Gail said...

Thanks for sharing all of the great art you received, it is so much fun seeing what others are creating. Hope your birthday is GREAT!

Jeanie said...

How fun to see my art on your site, but it pales in comparison to all the other beautiful things you received! Kudos to each and every artist who is your friend and featured so beautifully!

Every piece is an inspiration! What a terrific mail day you've had!

Kentucky Gal said...

Such pretty creative things...I'm amazed by the CD's...and people with imaginations to even use one to decorate...truly amazed!!
We are now having a heat wave...it is 17ยบ!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! You sure got a whole lot of real pretty Valentines and birthday cards!
How COOL for you :-D

Golden Granny said...

Thats my sweet daughter. She deserves all of those wonderful cards from such wonderful friends that she has made in all her groups. Mom

dogfaeriex5 said...


Rosa said...

They are all gorgeous! And I didn't even know your birthday was coming up. Duh. Hugs.

Rosa said...

Are you feeling better? You have to come visit my blog before noon tomorrow, gf.

Sheila said...

Beth..! What an abundance of lucious things you have recieved..!
I am inspired to get 'doing'..but with so much on my agenda at the moment I cannot.
You left a kind comment on a post I did on ATC's and perhaps when I'm organized (I am sure to be soon..!) we can swap something..?

Maryellen said...

But I don't get it, it's not your birthday yet Beth. Show off! Or do you just celebrate all year round. LOL I'm a bit behind, but will get your card in the mail Tuesday. Think it can get from Cali to TN overnight. Me neither, but it will just make your day last a lil longer. Here is to celebrating the fact that you were born. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

NOW: Consider yourself tagged for a Meme of your choice at my MeMe's for Maryellen site:

Happy B'day

vicci said...

Sweetie...I do hope you are feeling better! I can't believe all that wonderful mail!!! Yippee! Take Good Care Sweets...love ya!