Sunday, January 28, 2007

Brrrrrrr, cold one today!

So another missed snow chance last night. Oh well, I am ready for spring. Sure doesn't feel like spring today. Our high has only been around 28 today. Winds gusting up to 30 mph, makes it feel like 12 or 13. Have I been outside today? NOT!! I have been inside the Art room working away. I have made several greeting cards, and also some more ATCs. Of course I forgot to scan the greeting cards before I put them in their envelopes and sealed them. Duh, I get so mad when I do that. But here are 3 ATCS that I have finished for a trade.

I really like enjoy making Valentine ATCs, they are fun. So this has been my day pretty much. Oh and a little while ago I took my new toy out into the sunroom and took some pictures of our Cardinal family. Mainly the males as they are so pretty. Here are a few pics of them. I still haven't learned how to do much with me settings but I am practicing.

They would have shown up alot better if it had of snowed. Also, when I took them it was starting to get dark. I just love these pretty guys. We have alot of them in our feeders. Also alot of Woody Woodpeckers. We hang suet up in cages on the trees. They are still calling for a chance of snow most of the rest of this week. I am not counting on it, but if it does, know that I will be out in it with my new toy.
Alot of our school systems in middle Tennessee are closed tomorrow and Tuesday because of the Flu. Its really going around. My school system is not closed,,bummer. I did take a flu shot this year and I am glad I did. I did feel pretty yucky on Thursday and Friday, I think it was trying to get me but the shot kept it from happenning.
I hope everyone had a nice week-end. And hope you all have a great week coming up.


Rosa said...

So glad you're feeling better my friend!! Think I'll take some of my herbs just hearing about the flu! We've been lucky so far. Only the hub had it and we quarantined him!! Love your cardinal pics. That is one chunky male. Looks like a youngin. They are my favorite birds. Woodpeckers!! I love them too, but we don't have any big trees in our yard so they all are across the street in the woods. They are gorgeous too. Love your ATCs girl. Think I have to get some more done as birthdays are coming up in the group. I'm always behind, it seems!! hugs.

miss*R said...

your cardinal family is delightful, Beth. we don't have them here. they sure are RED!
enjoy your book about Australia, what a great find! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Beth...those valentine atc's are wonderful. I love all the pink tones you captured and the stamps are awesome. The cardinal is so adorable :o)

Janet said...

I'm so mad at Bloglines...I just got the notification that you had a new post and it's now Monday!! Oh, well....I love the ATCs. I know what you mean about making cards and putting them in the envelopes before you get a scan. I do that all the time.
The cardinals are beautiful birds.

Kentucky Gal said...

we've had the snow showers on and off all day and because of the cold temps we still have the snow on the ground from weekend before this past know when we got 3 inches....snow just seems to last longer in want some?? You can have!!
Those Cardinals are gorgeous!!

Rosa said...

Beth! I got my lovely ATCs today!! They are gorgeous!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I'm hoping for snow, but I'm also hoping we can hook up tomorrow too! xo

Cat said...

Pinks and Reds! Great ATC's and the Cardinal is way cool. Glad to see you are in the art mood again!

Pretty Lady said...

I came from Maryellen, I enjoyed your pictures! I hope you are feeling better!