Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fires, Fall, and Friendship!

How about a little bonfire for a nice Fall evening? Well thats what Daniel and I did last night. We have a little grill that Daniel modifyed last year and we use it for our fire pit. It was so nice to sit by it last night and grill some steaks, listen to some nice music, and enjoy the crisp fall night. Today has been nice but clouds are starting to roll in and its suppose to rain by tomorrow morning. Alot of rain for tomorrow night.
I also bought a pumpkin and a yellow mum at the farmers market that is by my school. Daniel had bought some bales of hay for our big dogs bed in the backyard and he had gave me one to use to sit my pumpkin and mum on.
Yesterday I helped Mom finish up the Fall shipping tag books for our ATC group. They sure did turn out so pretty and I know all the participants will love them when they recieve them next week, I treasure mine! I will post pics of it once I think most everyone has recieved theirs.
I finished up my "Daisy friendship quilt piece" I will mail it out tomorrow to Kai who is in Ohio.
This is it below.

It has quote at the top of the heart that says "Friendship, the golden thread that ties all heart together." I like that quote.
This afternoon I went out and pulled up my cosmos by the road that the frost had killed the past few nights. I love fall but hate it when it frosts and my flowers start to die. It means colder weather has made its arrival.
I hope everyone has had a wonderful week-end, I know that I have!


Maryellen said...

Not to rub it in, but out here in Cali were I live we get frost maybe 2 nights a year. Last year we didn't even get that. There is only about a 1 month period from late flowers to the camelias showing up. The poor things get confused as to when they are supposed to bloom. Sacramento is the camilia capitol of the world I think (at least it is called that).

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog today. Very sweet of you to welcome me and yes, I am definitely feeling like a budding part of things here. Love it.

Janet said...

I love a fire on a chilly night. I don't think there's anything better.

That is such a pretty piece you made for Kai, and I love the quote.

Cat said...

Beth, you lead a full and wonderful life!

Jungle Jane said...

OOOOh that fire looks so welcoming. And steaks too...I'm going off my diet when I look out food!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

I love a fire to sit by when the air is cold. alas we don't have a fireplace nor a I hope you don't mind if I stay a bit a warm my hands by yours. :)
That quiltie is beautiful!!

Daisy Lupin said...

Oh it is such fun sitting round a fire outside in the evening when there is a cold nip in the air. It's magical.

Rosa said...

A fire! Has it been cool enough yet. I think I'm just dragging around the heat with me whereever I go! It wasn't cold in Europe either, after luggin around all my sweaters and jackets!! Grrrr. Wish it were brrrrr, instead!! xo

AnnieElf said...

Wonderful backyard. So warm and welcoming.

miss*R said...

Hi Beth - I love your 6 X 6 - it is reallly sweet. I am sending yours off tomorrow, I know its late - but the past two weeks have been - well lots going on. so apologies but I promise it will be there soon xo