Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wild weather!

This was a fabric postcard that I finished today. Its my first time to participate in a swapbot swap. I just love this pic and I used it in another art project this week too.
The weather has been so strange here, but thats about par for the course in Tennessee. There is a saying here that "if you don't like the weather now, stick around, in a few hours it will change" and that is the truth.
All week-end it was really chilly and frosty at night. Then yesterday is was pretty chilly high around 60 and rainy. Then last night the winds got up to 25-30 mph and rained so hard(2 inches). The temp rose during the night. It was cloudy most of the the day but then by afternoon the sun came out and it got up to the mid 70s. Tonight the lows are only in the mid 60s, highs tomorrow low 80s. Rain coming in Thursday and back chilly again.
I stayed home with some serious sinus problems. So dizzy yesterday and having some bad headaches. I guess this crazy weather doesn't help.
I am watching "Dancing with the stars" tonight. Sara Evans had to drop out do to a pretty nasty divorce. She lives right outside of Nashville, in Franklin. Her divorce is so terrible,,alot of stuff in the papers about it. Evidently Hubby had a porn problem, and infidilities. Today the paper said he had wiped out several of their bank accounts. I feel pretty bad for her, 3 kids too.
Well I guess I am going to go chill for awhile, my head has started hurting again too.
I hope everyone has a wonderful night!!


Maryellen said...

Hey Beth: Sorry to hear the weather is making your head hurt and bother you so much. But if Tenn has such changable wx, maybe it'll change for you and you'll just feel better. Sure hope so. Love the card, and yea that is a sweet picture.

Janet said...

We're having up and down weather too. But at least it isn't broiling hot anymore! I'll take the chilly, damp weather over that.

I watched DWTS tonight, too. Saw the interview with Sara. It sounds like a horrible mess.

Hope you're feeling better. Love the fabric postcard. Is there anything you can't do??!! :-)

Rosa said...

I'm home!!! I'm so glad I got in before the weather hit! Yes, we had wicker chairs strown all about! I watched some of DWS and didn't know why Sara had dropped out. How sad. What an SOB. Geesh. So glad to be back, now I have some catchin' up to do!! xo

Rosa said...

PS LOVE your ATC! Wow. Amazing with fabric!! Hope you're feeling better today! xo

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

ah Beth, with all those weather changes going on no wonder you are having sinus issues. Put a hot compress right between the eyes!
Your fabric postcard is great, I envy your cranking all this art out. I am lagging...but inspired.

I watched Dancing last night and saw the interview. doesn't sound like a healthy situation, very sad for the children.

feel better!

Daisy Lupin said...

Our weather is pretty strange over here as well, very mild for this t ime of year and the trees are slow to turn. Take it easy, sinus and headaches are horrible.

AnnieElf said...

I didn't know who Sara Evans was until the scandal broke. I guess that tells you what I don't listen to. Anyway - Getting only national news, I felt clueless because it all sounded like pure gossip. However, your take from local accounts actually was informative. Very sad.

Maryellen said...

So how did the stamp convention go? Can't wait to see what you got?