Sunday, October 22, 2006

Super Saturday!

Yesterday was such a wonderful and fun day ! Mom had spent the night on friday night and we stayed up late making some ATCs. Yesterday morning we went to the "Stamp scrap art tour" at the Fairgrounds in Nashville. It was such a beautiful Fall day yesterday too. The leaves are absolutely gorgeous right now, very colorful.
We got to the show and started entering our ATCs into the contest they were having at the show yesterday. As we were doing that a lady came up behind me and asked if I was Beth and guess who it was? My dear friend Rosemary who I have been blogging with for the past several months. It was so wonderful to finally meet face to face. And she is a sweetheart! It felt like I had known her forever!

Rosemary surprised me with a wonderful present that she had made for me. I just love surprises and this one was so special.

It was a envelope that she had made into a lovely fall ATC ! On the flap it says "Open after a Long winter". And inside was the beautiful, intricately carved, red butterfly danglie! It is so pretty and Rosemary told me she had purchased it on one of her trips to Europe. I just LOVE IT! Its hanging on my shelve right in front of where I sit every day in my beloved Art Room! And every time I look at it I will think of my wonderful new friend! I am talking her into going to several of our stampers meetings and classes that Mom and I always go to. She is so talented and her ATCs are wonderful!
Its just so nice to meet a friend whom you have been blogging with and sharing your life stories with for months. You instantly feel so connected! That's why I have enjoyed blogging so much, making such awesome friendships. It helps so much in the every day hectic pace of your life to have a place to share with your friends and to see how their world is spinning.
Ok, I will have to say that I DID NOT buy the stamp show out yesterday. I did buy several cool goodies. One of those being an aluminum embossing kit. Mom and I did a "make and take" at the Marco Papers booth with the aluminum embossing. This is so neat and I plan on making several neat ATCs and Decos using this fun kit. I will post a pic of the "make and take" that we did later this week.
I bought a few unmounted stamps and some glitter and glue. Oh and some neat embossing tape. I didn't have a lot of money to spend yesterday as I have been trying to give a little bit of
$ to my daughter who is in college now. Mom bought me a few goodies too. She is such a great Mom, and she inspires me so much! OH,,and guess who won 3rd place in the ATC contest! My wonderful Mom did. She got $15 in rubber bucks to spend at any vendor at the show! I was so tickled for her. But did I remember to take her picture when she got the rubber bucks,,heck no. Nor did I remember to take a pic of her ATC,,I hate when I have picture lapses. You think back and say "crap, that would have been a great Kodak moment" LOL. I am sorry Mom. :(
They did tell her that the ATC would be on their website soon. I will watch for it and post a link to it when it is. It was so funny because we had brought several ATCs and we both were surprised at the one that won, so you just never know.
We ended up seeing a lot of friends that we stamp with here in Tennessee. We travel to different parts of the state for classes and fun all day workshops and retreats, so you always seem to know a lot of people at these shows. I was a little surprised at the low turn out for it though. I thought it would be really crowded but it wasn't.
My friend Chris who owns our local stamping store had a booth at the show. Her store is called Papermoon. We take classes from at her store and have spent many, many bucks at her shop. Its about one of the only stamp and scrapbooking shops in Nashville.
After we were wore out from walking around and spending our money, we left with several wonderful new toys. Driving home in the warm, sunshiny, day and looking at the wonderful colors of the trees on the interstate, I was thinking how much fun it was to spend the day with my Mom and meet my friend Rosemary, and spend money. Life just doesn't get any better than this.
I hope all of my blogger friends have had a great week-end too!


Daisy Lupin said...

How exciting for you to meet another blogger. It must be amazing to come face to face with someone you have blogged with. Can't to see the metal embossing stuff. Have a lovely Sunday.

AnnieElf said...

What a fun day you had. Such happiness. Art, friend, spending money. It does not get much better than that.

vicci said...

Oh wonderful Bethie!!! Glad you got to meet Rosemary...and so glad you had a good time at the show!!! What fun!!!! You were a very good girl!!!! I love the all look so sweet! Have fun today playing with your new toys!!!!!

Janet said...

Now I feel as if I got to meet Rosemary, too. It sounds as if you all had a fun day. And congrats to your mom for winning 3rd place. By the way, I love her shirt!!

I think it would be so much fun to be able to go to events like that and meet other creative people.

Rosa said...

Beth!!!! How fun!! I've been trying to blog our day all morning and having a heck of a time! Thought I'd take a break and see what you're up to! Hey, that's ME!! hehe. It was so great meeting you too! Now I do have a friend here in Nashville!! Two, actually! You are your mom are sooooo sweet!! Can't wait to do more things with you two, if I can keep up!! I have a pic of the ATC board I'm TRYING to download on my post. I'll send you a copy! xoxo

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

What a completely delicious day you had - surrounded in creativity, participating in the creativity, lovely time with your mom AND meeting the FABULOUS cozy rosy - so lucky indeed! (thanks for sharing the pictures)

Jeanie said...

You had my "dream day!" Massive shopping, being creative, becoming inspired, learning something new, and spending time with your mom and a new face-to-face friend! Four star!