Saturday, October 07, 2006

Fabulous Fall Day and Fanastic Antique Finds!!!

Yesterday was a great day. The weather has been like a add for Autumn,,absolutely Wonderful!! my brother and his wife came to visit us from Hartselle, Ala. He is the brother that I am the closest too, ,age wise and personality wise. My other brother is 10 years older so we haven't always been very close.
Of course I didn't take my camera up to Moms(like a dummy) so this was from summer before last of him and I at his house with Andy their big boxer.

Ricky is retired at the early age of 54 from a division of GM motors. That division went down this past spring and he took a early retirement with very good incentives,,so the lucky guy gets to stay home and enjoy life. His oldest daughter is the niece that I went to see Nickel Creek with a couple week-ends ago. Emily is just like her daddy so we are really close too.
We ate lunch at Moms and then went to my favorite antique store in downtown Dickson.
Dickson is a smaller city about 25 miles west of Nashville,,it has maybe 10,000 or more pop.,,
The antiques stores there are awesome,,I get some of the best buys at one of them. Today I racked up!! I am into old books, postcards, and wonderfully cheap ephemera to use with my art. I got some wonderful goodies today!!! And you will not beleive how much I paid for it all.
I got a big magazine called "Holiday". Its the size of the old Life magazines. This particular one was published for Easter 1950. It is a awesome magazine and in wonderful condition. I paid 50 cents for it. It is a travel magazine and has some excellent car adds and air travel adds,,also adds for clothes to wear on your trips. Great articles in it too. I went on e-bay to see if it was worth any thing,,but doesn't look that way. But it is worth alot to me. I am thinking of framing the car adds and hanging them in my guest room because they are so classy! Here are a few pics of the adds:

Whoever bought the magazine or had sent it to someone I think it was because of this article on cats,,they had wrote on the cover "cats pg. 61" It is a great article,,
I was taking these pics outside by my pond on the potting bench so my little curious cat had to check it all out. She is reading the article on the cats.
I am so tickled with this great buy,,,I see alot of art coming out of this magazine.
Ok,,on to my next great buys. They had these vintage postcards also for .50 a piece. They are the ones that open up and have about 10 cards inside of them. The art work is breathtaking on the cards. They were sent by a Prvt. who was stationed in San Francisco and were postmarked 1953. I am just showing the covers now and I will be trying to scan and show the cards inside in other posts.

I also found two little vintage cards that you put on packages,,for .25 a piece. And 2 wonderful vintage books. The one on the right is a botany book titled " American Weeds and Useful plants" that title cracked me up. Its not in the best of shape but the copywrite date is 1865. It has wonderful pen and ink illustrations of flowers and weeds in it. The book on the left is a German book with the title of "Hillern's Hoher Als Die Kirche" copyright date of 1917. The botany book was $1 and the German book was .80 cents. Again,,my head is full of art when I look at them. My son took German in High School and has a German dictionary so I will be trying to find out the title of the book in English, but if anyone here knows German, then please tell me what its title says.

This store also sells the little plastic sleeves for baseball/ATC cards. I can buy 100 of them for $1 or 6 packages for $5, so if anyone needs some let me know.
When I got home yesterday afternoon I sat out by the pond and took pics of my wonderful buys and some pics of the flowers that were looking so pretty on this wonderful fall day.

Today I am going to go get some pansys and work in the gardens. It is going to be another beautiful day. Too hard to stay inside when its like this. Plus some colder weather is heading our way for the end of the week so I need to gather my houseplants and trim them some so I can bring some inside and some to work with me.
I hope everyone is having a great week-end. I am off tomorrow for Columbus day and that makes it even better!! :)


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

How wonderful you got to share some special time with your brother - and that you two are so close.
As for your bargains, I am so envious. We lack for anything that I can find for collaging... It is going to require a venture further out in exploration. You really found some fantastic items!!!

Janet said...

It's so nice that you are close to your brother. I'm totally unaware of how that must feel as I'm an only child.

Your antique shopping seems to be a huge success. Love the magazine and the postcards. I think the german book says something about "high as a church"....I just went to one of the online free translators and that's what I got.

Cat said...

Terrific finds!

The picture of your cat reading the cat pages is precious. The 2 cats on the page seem to be looking up at your cat!!

Smiles, Cat

Daisy Lupin said...

Hillerns more highly as the church that is the literal translation of the German title.
I am so jealous of all the wonderful things you found in antique shops, they were so cheap, antique shops charge such a lot over here. Have a lovely Monday off work. Glad you had a good time with your brother.

Maryellen said...

Well, looks like you had a fun time collecting more goodies. I haven't got your ATC's. Can't wait! You know you are the first person I have ever sent my art to that I do not know. And Tennessee no less! Clear across the country by snail mail. Could take weeks huh? LOL Hope you are having a great Monday Holiday off. What is this holiday anyway? LOL

miss*R said...

it is always good to spend time with a loved sibling
wow Beth! what a great lot of stuff! cannot wait to see what you do with it all - my hands are itching :)