Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My artistic friends!!!

Tonight I just want to showcase some of my wonderfully artistic friends artwork!!! The pictures above are two new pages for my Toscano book that my great friend Jeanie who lives in Michigan, did in my book. I just got it back from her yesterday, and it was such a wonderful delight to come home to this beautiful book that I recieved in the mail,,espiecally after a terribly hard day of work. She just added to this great book of art. I think I treasure this book more than anything I have ever owned as far as art work. All of my friends who have been in my life for the past few years have added their artistic talent too it. I constantly look at it and am in awe of the pages they all have added to it. It is a treasure to behold!! And,,there are a few more empty pages in it,,that I am hoping I can convince a few more treasured friends to fill up with their art.
And today,,,I came home to a excellent package in my mailbox. My dear friend Rosa had sent me her Halloween ATCs for my swap that I am hosting. She just recently started making ATCs and I am telling you,,I wish my first ATCs had been as great as hers are. I look back at my first ATCs and think,,,"what was I thinking",,lol. She is just a natural. I feel so lucky to have met her,,and I did through the great world of blogging. And to top it off ,,she lives just a few miles away. We are hoping to hook up and go to the Stamping convention that will be in Nashville in 2 weeks. Here are a couple of the ATCs that she sent today. I will not post all of them as they will be in my swap and I want some of them to be a surprised. She made a special one for me to keep,,which is the October one!

Are they not awesome? Thanks to both of these talented and treasured friends.
I am watching "Dancing with the Stars" tonight. I have to admit that I got kind of weepy when Jerry Springer danced the "Tennessee Waltz". I think its because it meant so much to him to learn that dance so he could waltz with his daughter on her wedding. He has said from the beginning that was his whole purpose for being in this show. And he ran over and hugged her after it was over. What a DAD!! But I do love Vivica too,,and Joey, and Emmitt,,what a hard time I will have on chosing a winner,,lol.
I hope every one is having a good week so far! I think about all of my friends alot,,and just wish I could be home every day and blog every day. I just got to win the lottery,,thats all!


Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

wow all of that is absolutely amazing....that Rosa is one good ATC artist!! and your book, what a fantastic idea that is. You send it out, art is done and sent back and then you send it out again? How special and definitely a treasure!
thank you for the group info, I'm really looking forward to participating.

Janet said...

You have some very talented friends! Love those book pages, and Rosa's ATC's are fantastic. I sure wish I could do some of these but I don't think I have that kind of creativity....and I'm up to my eyeballs with projects right now.

Maryellen said...

Thanks for sharing all these with us Beth. Drop by my blog to see a cute foto I took of Vicci on my Sunday visit.

Hey are we on for a swap? I'm thinking I'm ready to start this. You invited me, so what are the deets? (my daughters word for details).

Rosa said...

You are too sweet. Thank you! Those pages are awesome! Don't think I'm quite ready for books yet, though. My birthday and monthly ATCs are going in the mail today. Geesh, I went all the way out to Papermoon on Saturday to get some ATC sleeves; apparantely Chris (?) was in the hospital and there was someone helping out who didn't know where they were!! So, I ordered some off the web! Hope they come in soon. So glad you liked your October! Enjoy. xo

Maryellen said...

I can't wait to do this swap with you Beth. My mind is creating ATC's like crazy. I'll probably start actually working on them tomorrow after work. This evening is dedicated to migraine medicine hangover... LOL

Jeanie said...

Wow -- thank you for putting my stuff on your site! I just love your blog and seeing all your work and people's like Rosa's too! Four star!