Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Autumns colors

My drive home today was so beautiful. It has been pretty chilly here the past few night and days and it sure has made the leaves turn prettier. Right now is the most perfect time in Autumn here in Tennessee.
Sunday I did alot of art and finished up several deco books and I am working on some postcards for a swap. I have a few details on a quilt art block before it goes into the mail in a few days.
Mondays are always my come home and lay around night,lol. I never do anything on Mondays as I am just pooped out and my body has to get back into the work routine. By Tuesdays I am feeling much better. I am going to work on a few more Postcards and the Quilt art block this evening while Dancing with the Stars is on. I really feel like Mario is going to win,,but you never know.
So, heres a pic of my big dog, Ranger. I don't think I have shown too many pics of him. He is in the back yard and protects it quite well.
Mr. Ranger is a very old grandfather dog. He is around 13 in people age and 91 in dog years. He is part Mastiff and part "who knows". I have had him since he was a pup. He only weighs around 150 lbs, and his head is the size of a pumpkin, so you see why no one comes in my yard if they don't know him. He is very, very gentle, I have never seen him ever try to hurt anyone or anything, just a sweetie. He has slowed down alot now and in the winter months we have to feed him a little arthritus meds or his hips hurt him and he will let you know that by howling.
I don't know how much longer he will be with us, and its really unusual for dogs this large to live this long. I can't imagine our lifes without him. Daniel babys him the most. He always has fresh hay in his manger and new sand in the summer for his summer cooling pit,,lol. He has truly been a wonderful friend to our family.

Last of all today I would like to send my prayers and Love to my dear friend Annie. She lost her loving and precious Mother on sunday. I just found out about it today! I know most of my blogger friends know Annie as I met several of you by going to her links. I cannot imagine what she is going through and I know the day will come when I will be in her shoes, and it makes me feel sick. I can't imagine my life without my Mom in it. God Bless You Sweet Annie!!!


Daisy Lupin said...

The tree are turning over here now as well and we have had a lot of rain. Last night though, we had a quite cold night, the lowest the temperature has been yet, and people today are saying that its cold. I think we have got used to mild weather this year, we are all in denial and forget its November next week. Of course, it should be cold.

Sue said...

Hi Beth,
I've also seen you commenting on several of my favorite blogs. It's so nice to finally make connections with you and I hope we'll become good friends!
I didn't know Annie, but am hoping to get better acquainted. I lost my own Mom four years ago and it's an empty spot that nothing else fills.
I'll visit you again soon!

Diane said...

Hi, Beth, and thanks for the sweet words on my blog. :-)

Yes, we are neighbors. I live just south of Jonesboro, Arkansas in Bay. It's always nice to make new blogging friends. Thanks for visiting me, and feel free to visit again anytime.

Ranger looks like a gentle giant, just a big cuddle bunny. I love all animals and have 2 cats myself. No dogs allowed in our apartment complex. :-(

Cat said...

Hi Beth - I hope this works, blogger and my computer have not be getting along this week, this is the first time I've been able to access a comment page!
Good to hear from you.
Your dog is huge!! He looks like a big lovable bear!
Your Autumn pics are great too.

Maryellen said...

Hey Beth:
Couple days ago I saw my first fall colors here in the valley. I almost wanted to stop the car and stare. I think I'll post some fall colors when it gets really bright around my house. It does do that. I'm glad your mom liked the cards I sent her.

Jeanie said...

Your big sweet dog looks like a best friend! Pets are just the best.

Michigan's cold fall has been rainy and gloomy. Though we usually enjoy gorgeous trees, this year they are muted, and I'm longing to jump into your Tennessee autumn with a vengeance!

Rosa said...

Hiya Bethy! Love your dog. He is so sweet looking. He is a big guy! Wow!! Poor old guy. My dog is coming down wtih "arthur" too and I just got some "rimadyl" to help through the cold months. It works great.
I too feel so badly for Annie. I can't even imagine what it will be like losing my mom. She is my bestest friend and we have the best time togther every day. I know how it must scare you too and you and your mom are so close too. My prayers are with all who have lost their mothers, especially Annie at this hard time in her life. xoxo

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

old friends, that's what our pets are, they come to us and stay because they know this for them is heaven on earth. We had our dog for 14 years.

Poor dear Annie. I have worried about this with my own mom so many times and I am grateful for her enduring spirit. My heart breaks for what Annie is now dealing with.