Sunday, August 30, 2009

A cool August Sunday!

We woke up to another delightfully cool morning in August. So I had to take a nice walk around the yard with my camera. My Moonflower trellis is beautiful now. More flowers every morning!

I am always excited to wake up in the mornings and see these beauties! The are right outside my bedroom window too.
I also have some of their cousins, Morning Glorys.
I Love to take pictures while I am on my early morning stroll.

The Gourds in the pictures above are 2 birdhouse gourds that I managed to grow in the garden this year. I plan on making birdhouses out of them.
I hope you enjoyed the stroll around my yard this morning. It is certainly feeling like Autumn here in Middle Tennessee right now. We have had such a delightful summer and I am looking forward to a beautiful Fall.
I hope every one has had a wonderful week-end!


Rosa said...

Well daig, don't you have the green thumb! Everything is so vibrant and gorgeous! Bethy, I have my basement all set up and I STILL don't feel like doing anything! Where is the artsy mo jo??? HELP!!! xo

Janet said...

What fun it must be to stroll around your yard and have so many beautiful flowers to enjoy. You most definitely have a couple of green thumbs!

Cat said...

I am sure you posted the Moonflowers last year, and they left an impression on me then! They are beautiful and dreamy...

You have many wonderful flowers in your garden. Is you veggie harvest done now?

Hi to Lady from the Jack Pack! They all had a fun weekend camping!
I posted new pics of them... they have grown a lot!

Thanks for the flower pics!

Kathy N said...

Flowers are gorgeous! I'm trying to capture my gardening sprite in hopes to bring color to our yard next Spring. May I borrow yours for awhile?

I see a familiar face in your comments (Janet).

Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

Jeanie said...

Now this is a beautiful wake-up call! Absolutely lovely!

Annie said...

We are so far away from autumn, I feel as though we have been forgotten. Nothing here but Santa Ana winds, heat, and fires. We have had so many fires in the past few years, I don't see how there could be anything left of the state.

Your garden is beautiful and a visual relief.


jet1960 said...

What beautiful flowers you have grown to enjoy! Loved the moonflower trellis!

I am loving this weather, too! You are right it already feels like fall and that is one of my favorite times of the year.