Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wonderful Goodies in the mail!!!

Wow! What an awesome package that I recieved in the mail yesterday! It was just full of wonderful goodies! It was from my dear friend Jill. Jill doesn't live too far from my brother in Alabama and she has come up here and spent the night with Mom and I before, she is a sweetie! She is in my "Fall 4 x 4 swap" that I am hosting in our yahoo group. Her art is absolutely stunning. When I think of mixed media and all the famous people who do mixed media art, I think Jill is just as good as they are if not better. She knows how to collage and layer backgrounds to come up with stunning effects. I have never been able to master that technique but she certainly has it down pat.
Jill sent me some great goodies as presents for hosting the swap. I LOVE them all Jill!!!! They were wrapped in a sewing pattern that is so great to use in art. She sent 2 wonderful Halloween tags, one goes to Mom and one for me. This cool piece of jewelry that I know I will find a way to use. All kinds of delicious papers and pictures to use in art! And this is my favorite below!
The lighting in this picture isn't the greatest and just doesn't do it justice but it is beautiful. And the writing below the picture is a crack up! It says "Giselda thought her makeup made her look less "witchy". The picture is an old cabinet card that Jill has beautifully altered. Its attached to a cool strap of black leather that she has added some great embellishments too. I am so proud of this great work of art!
Its going into a place of honor amidst my other Halloween Deco which I will take a picture of this week-end.
Jill,,I really Love all you sent to me. Oh,,,and here are the 4 x 4s that she made for my swap. They are amazing too! The bestest!

I will scan them later and show you how cool they are as this isn't the best picture either. But they are a delight! Thank you so much, Jilly!!! Big hugs to you!
It is a absolute beautiful Fall week-end. A little on the warmish side but a good breeze and no humidity and the colors are starting to look very Autumnish!
Daniel and I are going to play outside in the yard doing some yard work and some Halloween decorating. I will show some more pictures tomorrow.
Just had to show off this awesome eye candy before I busted with pride!
Hope every one has a wonderful Saturday!


Rosa said...

All your goodies are wonderful! What talent Jill has!! Enjoy your day. Oooof. It's hot out there! (or is it just a hot flash in here?)

Jeanie said...

Wow! Fabulous! I think your favorite is my favorite, too. She's good, isn't she?

jet1960 said...

Oh, Beth, you are too kind, but I do appreciate so much your sweet words! I'm just glad you liked everything. I always worry that people will think what I do is too weird. I see that the dangly for Giselda didn't make it through the mail. The star/moon thingy is supposed to be glued below the picture on the bottom of the black strap over the black and white fibers. Sorry about that. And there is supposed to be a third tag of a little Halloween girl?

Again thank YOU for hostessing the swap.