Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fall chunky pages!

I recently hosted a 4 x 4 inch "chunky book" Fall swap in my yahoo group. I recieved some really awesome cards that I traded out amoung the players in the swap. Sorry I was too lazy to to crop them after I scanned them. Below are the cards.
The first set is from Denise. I absolutely love her Halloween dogs!

Next are Jill's great witchy girl cards. She is awesome with her artistic talent!

Next artistic is name Aiyana whom is also very talented, well heck they are talented!
Then we have some great ones from Judy.

And next some another great friend, Candy.
Then some from my sweet and so talented Mom!

Then last of the bunch are the ones that I had made for the swap.

This was a really fun swap to host as I just LOVE Fall and all the great colors and events that go with it.
Have a great Wednesday!


JessInFocus said...

Those are all so good! You are right they are all talented! I love all of them, but your one with the leaves hanging of of it is really cute!

Jeanie said...

These are all amazing! You're doing such creative things in all of your swaps!

jet1960 said...

Glad you posted pics of all of them, so I could see the ones different than the ones I received. I loved all of them. So glad I got to participate in this swap.

Rosa said...

How wonderful they all are!! They're going to make a wonderful book. I am just thrilled to see your mom up and 'atem again! yahoo!!! xo

Artsy said...