Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Nashville makes History tonight!

Thats right. If you watch the debate tonight you will see a little part of our world. Belmont college is one of many colleges and Universitys that we have here in Nashville. It is a very pretty college too. Here is a link to the college . And the debate. It should be an interesting night!
Have a terrific Tuesday!


Annie said...

I'll be glued to the tube tonight, Beth.

JessInFocus said...

It will be an interesting night. Probably lots of mudslinging!

jet1960 said...

We were able to visit there during a tour while in Nashville earlier this year. We toured the mansion and I have pics of the outside, but we weren't supposed to take any inside. I got a closeup of one of the lions cause I thought they were so cool.

Not sure I'll watch the debate. If they would only tell the truth I could stand it more.

Jeanie said...

Lovely photo! And I watched!!!

Rosa said...

Oh Beth, I wish it were still raining!!! It sounds like everything worked out for the best. I think you'll be happier where you are too. Yay for little old Nashville! How exciting!! The hub flew out to Texas yesterday and was sitting next to Tom Brocaw! How exciting is that. He said he was quite the laid-back gent he seems to be. The hub said the airport was full of VIPs yesterday morning!