Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Rainy Wednesday and a little bit of Art.

We have had 2 days of some much needed rain. So glad we finally received some of the wet stuff. Yesterday afternoon I came home and made a few more Halloween postcards for a swap that my Mom is hosting in one of our groups. I sure love making Halloween and Fall art. Its nice sitting in my art studio with the windows wide open, listening to the rain falling and the leaves blowing around in the breeze.
I watched the debate last night but I am not going to comment on it. I pretty much keep my political opinions to myself. I will say that I am like most Americans, very concerned with the shape our economy is in right now. I haven't heard any thing about the people who were going to try to buy our house. I am sure they are having a very difficult time trying to find a mortgage company to finance it. Its not even an expensive price so I can't imagine what the people that have very expensive homes for sell are going through.

I didn't get the other position that I was applying for with the schools. But that's ok, I Love where I am and just so Thankful that I have a job. I have read on so many blogs of people who have been laid off, of Fathers who have to travel to another state during the week and work just to support the family. Read about friends who have no health care and their health is not good. Read about families having to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. My heart goes out to them and I am constantly thinking of them and remember them in my prayers.
Times are very tough right now, tougher than I have ever seen them. But I do have hope that it will turn around soon. We just have to hang in here and keep our chins up and always have Hope.
Many Hugs to you all!



Jeanie said...

I was thinking about you last night during the debate -- partly being in Nashville, but also thinking about your pending sale. It might take a bit, but at least they want the house, and that's a good thing. I, too, get frustrated with work lately, but am so grateful I have that job.

Meanwhile, you've been a productive young lady!!! Lovely!

Kim's Treasures said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my last post! It really means a lot! It's so nice to have such wonderful blogging friends!

Your artwork is very beautiful!

CattyCat said...

You've been MEME tagged at this blog:

If you go to my DO YOU REMBMBER blog, on the right at the bottom of the lists is the link to this new blog I'm just starting.

jet1960 said...

The postcards are great! We got a decent amount of much-needed rain, too.

Sorry you didn't get the other job, but know what you mean about being grateful to have one. My DMIL asked me this morning if I was dreading going back to work tonight and I told her no, not really. I was just glad to have a job to go to. And it's one where I'm helping others, even if it does get stressful sometimes.

I'll say some prayers about your house selling.

BTW, the fall swap is on it's way to you. Hope you like it.

PEA said...

I so love seeing your art projects...they're always amazing!! I really want to take the time and make a few Halloween ATCs to send out so I'd better get a move on...hopefully this weekend I'll have the time:-)

Being Canadian, I can only sit and watch what is happening in the States. I pray that the right person is elected president and that the economy will get back on its feet sooner than later!! xoxo

JessInFocus said...

It was very needed rain. I didn't watch all of the debate and I too will keep my comments to myself.

Jeanie is right. We are so lucky to have a job even if we do feel like we are banging our heads against the wall some times. Sorry you didn't get it, but everything happens for a reason. Your time will come.

I am sorry you haven't heard on your house. Hope some one comes through for you soon!