Monday, January 07, 2008

Birdy border for the kitchen!!!

I finally recieved my Bird wallpaper border for my kitchen in on friday afternoon. Daniel and I managed to put it up yesterday afternoon. I absolutely LOVE it!!! It looks wonderful with the colors that I picked to paint the kitchen.

This is a close up of it without the trim on the bottom edge of it.
And here is my Master Carpenter and Mister Fix-it, putting the trim on the bottom of it. It just really made such a difference in the kitchen. I have quite a bit of it left over and I plan on making some very interesting Art pieces with the extra for the kitchen. I will post some more pictures of it this week and how great the kitchen has shaped up from the beginning.
So yesterday afternoon was Play-off time for our NFL Football team, the Tennessee Titans. We were facing San Diego Chargers in San Diego. We came out and played the first half very well but the second half was a different story, sad to say we lost. Oh well, theres always next year, right? Anyhoo,,,Daniel snapped a picture of me and my little Titan companion while we were watching the game.

Yes, these are one of my fave pair of jeans, lol. Lady also has her Titan's scarf on her neck. We do love our Titans even if they didn't win.
Kitty Carl is getting use to the new house too. She has quite got the nerve up to venture outside yet. Here is a picture of her peeking out the door to the deck.

After being below freezing most of last week, we warmed up to the 60s yesterday. Lady and I took a nice stroll around the block before the game yesterday. Our new neighborhood is very quiet and hardly any traffic. Our old house was on a busy road and too dangerous to walk on it. So we really enjoyed our walk in the new neighborhood. Today it is suppose to get up to 71 degrees. Our weather is so strange in the winter here in the south. By next week we could have snow, we did have a light dusting of it on New Years Day.
Speaking of New Years Day. Mom and I got to visit with a great friend of ours from Modesto,California. Denise is in one of our favorite ATC groups. She was in Nashville visiting her sister, Holly, for the holidays. They came out on New Years Day and had lunch with us and we had so much fun getting to know them. Denise is so sweet and very talented. She also plays the bagpipes but she didn't get to bring them with her to Tennessee. I hope to get to visit her in Cali one day and here her play them. These are some pictures of our visit with her.

Denise, Mom, and Holly!
Denise, Me, and Holly!
I Love to meet my friends from our group. I hope to meet alot of others one day too, and also some of my blogger buds.
Well its 5 a.m. and time for me to start gearing up to get ready for a new work week. UGH! It will be a busy one as we start our new semester tomorrow. I hope everyone is doing well and I hope to post more pictures of the house this week. Heres to a Monday!!!


Jeanie said...

Hi, Beth!

First the border is GREAT! I love the colors--looks terrific with the cupboards. Very nice indeed! How exciting to have so many fun new things to do!

Second, great to "see" Denise! How fun!

Happy day, my friend. You back to school yet?

Cat said...

The border is a terrific touch! And of course birds!

Lady looks so sweet...ahhhhh.

Thanks for the blog visit and YES you can have some of this snow!

nanabuzlife said...

I am new to the blog world and find we have some thing's in common. Kitchen for one, your wall paper is wonderful, the color's and all are great. I have been in the middle of a Kitchen remodle for over 4 month's now. My eldest girl's boyfriend is doing it. Pay as we go deal for one, then waiting for him to have the time and or want to get in there. I finally got my new sink with new faucet and diposal (which is not hooked up yet) set and sealed, got to use the water for the first time this past Sat., night. Was great not doing the dishs in the tub after so long. I have lower cabinet's but no upper yet. Flooring?? Hum, I am sure at some point. Our home was built in 1903 and was moved twice before landing where it is now. The elderly men who so called rebuilt this did not really know what they were doing so it's been interesting to say the least.
You have been working very hard in your whole house from the look's of it, much better to get to it and have it all nice then bit's and nothing for 17 year's like us.
I am a writing talker, sorry, enjoy it so.
Blessing's Nancy

Mary Timme said...

The border looks great and what a great idea to use it in art projcets. It really will liven up the room even more. The cabinets look great with that touch too, I think.

Shop girl said...

Your Birdy border is great. I live in a 1906 cottage farm house, so much to do, so little time. I should post some of our adventures. It's all good, it keeps Arney busy for sure. I get an idea and he get a straing look on his face...but soon he is with the program! Happy winter, Mary

CattyCat said...

Well Beth, I hope this weather they are saying is going through TN is bypassing you and your newly referbished new home. That bird trim is such a great and sweet touch, and OH SO YOU. Loven it. Stay warm and dry.

Rosa said...

That border is gorgeous and yes is a perfect match~!~ Sorry about the Titans. Oh well. It was a good season tho. Almost made it!! Looking forward to seeing you on the 21. xoxo