Thursday, January 17, 2008

Snowy night in Tennessee!!!

Yes we finally got our first snow fall of the year last night. It has flurried here and there this winter but nothing like we got last night. It start about 5 p.m. and snowed most of the night. This morning the temp has warmed up and its turned into a mist and melted off the roads just in time for the morning commute. Here are a few more pics of the pretty snow we had.

My snowy husband Daniel.
Snow dog Lady!

Mom and Dad on their snowy porch!
Steps to my deck with the snowy bell.
It sure was pretty while it lasted. I Love snow as it makes everything so nice and clean. More snow in the forecast for this week and next week but its very tricky here in the south. We might get snow or it could be rain.
Hope all is well with all my blogger buds!


Janet said...

Well, girl, all I can say is I'm glad YOU got the snow!! I don't mind looking at pictures of it but sure don't want any of that white stuff falling on me!! I'm such a wimp!!

Jeanie said...

It's fun to see someone excited by snow! I bet the first new snowfall in your new space is extra special! Enjoy while you can -- it sounds short-lasting (want to send some of that short-lastingness to Michigan?)

Rosa said...

I missed the snow! It came north and hit DC as I was leaving!! Had to be de-iced--the plane, not me. . . lol.

Shop girl said...

Love the pictures...we get snow here also. Baby it's cold, but it's so pretty ya just have to touch it. Janet is no snow bunny...but she is so cute!
Hugs, mary

Jeanne said...

We just had a soft brushing of flurries today!
Keep warm and safe and snuggled.
Love Jeanne