Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturdays- oh how I LOVE them!!!

Yes, I do live for the week-ends. Just wish they didn't go by so quickly. This week-end will be a little longer as I get Martin Luther King's birthday off on Monday. I do have a little bit of a bug/cold or something today. Not feeling the greatest but not feel completely terrible either.
I don't want to get out as its miserably cold outside today, so I will stay in and do some creating. I am also doctoring myself and trying to get rid of this crud so I can get together with my Girly, Miz Rosie. Haven't seen her since November and I need a Rosie fix. We will hook up for lunch on Monday if this crud has left me by then.
In the mean time, here are some ATCs I have made. Two are for a personal trade and the others are for Valentines swaps.
Hope everyone has a great week-end and stay warm and be creative,,I am!!!

xoxo oxoxoxoxoxoxox


Jeanne said...

I love all your vintage pretty things your blog and thanks for your visit and kind words.
Much love and many blessings!
Love Jeanne

Jeanie said...

Beth, these are the best! Everytime you post something, I think it's better and more skilled than the time before -- and I thought that was pretty good! Now I wish I was in the Valentine swap!

Janet said...

My gosh, girl....if you did all that when you aren't feeling good I'm amazed! They're so pretty. I hope you get over the crud so you can visit with Rosemary. She's sure had a rough time recently. Give her a big hug from me....and have one for yourself too!

CattyCat said...

These are all so cute Beth. My fav, if I had to pick, is the Emily Dickinson quote one. But they are all special. So nice to see you have time to create, that means you are breathing again.....

Shop girl said...

Be well, Love all this red!