Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunny Sunday and birds

It was so nice to have a little warmer day and the sun was feeling so wonderful,
temps up to the 50s. It was a great week-end and I know now why I Live for the week-ends!!!
Mom and I had a wonderfully, creative day on Saturday. We started out by making our "Birdcage Art". We both had purchased some very cool birdcages at our local thrift store a few weeks ago. So this is what we created with our Birdcages. The first one is mine. I have it hanging in my kitchen and it looks great with my Birdy Border.

I should have posted a close up of it. It has some little finches in it. One is sitting next to a nest and the other is on a branch looking over the nest. It makes it feel so "springy" in the kitchen.
The next pictures are of Mom's birdcage. She also hung hers in her kitchen.

We had so much fun making these sweet birdy cages. After we made these we made several Valentine cards and Birthday cards. February is birthday month for our family. My brother's is on Feb.3, my Mom's 2 sisters are Feb. 8th and 10th, mine is the 15th, and Mom's is on the 22nd.
Bad thing about Mom's birthday this years is that she is going to be in the hospital on her birthday.
She is going to have a major back operation on Feb. 18th. They will be cleaning out her lower spinal column of bone spurs that have been putting pressure on nerves in the column. She has Spinal stenosis, which is the narrowing of the spinal column. They will put a sleeve in the column in hopes to keep the spurs from growing back. She has been terrible pain the past 6 months and this is her only option to aleviate the pain. We pray that this will be the cure and that she will be up and about and ready to plant flowers this spring.
I hope everyone had a great week-end.


Janet said...

So that's where all the sunshine went! We had rain and WIND!! I thought we were going to blow away last night!

Your birdcages are so pretty. I hope Feb goes by in a flash and your mom is back home feeling 100% better. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts. XOXO

Rosa said...

Beth (and Lottie!) they are so pretty!! Is this one of the old cages you found?? Great job! xox

Jeanie said...

Love the bird cages and don't they look pretty! (Also like the corner fireplace!) You guys were creative and productive!

You inspire me!

Golden Granny said...

Thanks Dear ,
For posting our creations with the bird cages. I am so glad that you live next door to me.We will have so much fun this summer working in our yards. I know my operation will help me to do this. Thanks for all of the comments and remembering Beth and I in your thoughts.

Cat said...

Cool bird cages!

Your Mom will be so happy to be rid of all the pain! Prayers for her operation!

Hugs, Cat

Shop girl said...

I will keep your mom in my prayers...
I love the birdcages, they are wonderful. I keep thinking I will find one of the round ones at a garage sale, but I think others want them too.
Big Hugs, mary