Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas? What Christmas?

I really did miss Christmas this year. How? Well, have you ever moved at Christmas time? If you have then you will know exactly what I am talking about.
We started moving furniture the friday(21st) before Christmas. Whew,, and we moved every single day until Sunday. We took a break on Sunday for our family Christmas get together at Mom's house. That was a very welcomed break indeed.
Did I take pictures of us moving the furniture? Uh, no,,,as I was one of the movers. We had my wonderful brother and my dad, Daniel, and my son Kyle, and me. Our old house sat down in the yard and we had about ten steep concrete steps to move our very heavy couch, washer and dryer, and all the other wonderfully heavy furniture to get up those steps. Can you say "ouch my aching back?"
So here it is the saturday night after Christmas and things are finally shaping up in the new house. Still alot of work left to do, but its feeling more and more like home.
So here is a picture of my kitchen. I must remind you that my house is perfect for the HGTV series "Design on a Dime". I had to get very creative with my kitchen. So its pretty much retro themed. HA!!

I do have plans in the long range to completely re-do the entire kitchen. It will be updated as soon as I save up the $. But here it is with the newly painted cabinets. And my sweet little penguin rugs. This is the entire cabinet space that I have which is not much at all. I do plan on getting a nice woodblock Island that has rollers so I can use that for more counter space. But because of moving expenses and Christmas I will have to wait a little longer for that too. So,,,,
I got really inventive and came up with some old pieces of furniture to use in the kitchen.

So here is a old desk with a old credenza on the top of it. And of course the lovely little bird cage that I snagged at a thrift store not so long ago. Yes,,its Retro, but it really doesn't look too bad for the time being.

My bird wallpaper border should arrive any day. I ordered on the internet on Christmas Eve. It will go up above the cabinets and around to the eating area. And I do think it will really look good with the colors and the the makeshift, retro storage that I pulled together.
The floors looks so pretty now. We stripped and polished them a few days before we moved in and they look brand new.
Below is a picture of the "new-age" Christmas tree that we had here in the new house while we were remodeling and moving. We kind of thought it looked cool and others liked it too. In the mean time, my live and decorated tree sat unseen down at the old house(now why did I do that?)

And on Christmas Eve night we stopped for the night and my poor sweet hubby finally got to open his Birthday/Christmas presents. His birthday was on the 21st but he wanted to wait and just combine it with Christmas since we were so busy. My hubby has made this house look so pretty and has worked his butt off getting it ready and moving us in, so I will say that he is the bestest hub in the world!!!!
And last night we took another little break and I got to have a couple of my close girls over to have a little house warming party and some Christmas cheer. It was so much fun!!! They spent the night and we did some karoaking to some of our favorite songs. Now that was just what I needed. My brother came over and we cooked out steaks too and sat around and gabbed alot!!!

They loved the house even though we still haven't fully decorated it yet. And this morning the sweety hubby made us girls a wonderful breakfast and we sat around in our jammies and gabbed some more.
It sure was fun and a well deserved break for me. We still have alot of odds and ends at the old house to move up here and I was down there this afternoon packing more of my art room. My new art room is slowly coming together. I have been tossing alot of stuff while I pack and unpack so that has been a good thing. But whew,,,I never knew I had so much stuff,,lol.
Tomorrow I will post some more pictures of the house.
I just wanted to tell everyone who sent me cards and ATCs for Christmas, I LOVED them all!!! And you don't know how much they meant to me during this stressful time. I will be sending you all something as soon as possible. I have thought about you all, and was so sad to learn that some of you have been sick or had sickness in your family during this time while I was away from bloggerville. You all have been in my heart.
One lesson I learned from this experience? I WILL NEVER MOVE AGAIN!!!!!!!! LOL


Naturegirl said...

Beth home is where the heart is and I can see there is much love and sharing straight from your hearts!New begginnings are always excitingso I wish YOU a bright Happy New Year
filled with peace love inspiration good health and many blessings.
Hugs NG
Thank you for telling me all is ok with your ankle after breaking gives me hope to hear this! xo

Cat said...

Your kitchen is welcoming - as I'm sure you will make your entire home.

Hang in there, you got thru the worst of it and it's going to be a glorious New Year I bet!

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Beth...the place looks fabulous and what a way to start the new year in a new home. I am loving the christmas tree. I will have to get one like that next year. Thanks for always stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words especially about my little pickle, lol. I love reading what you write. Have a wonderful and blessed new year!

Jeanie said...

I love your house and I'm so glad you are there!

Happy HOUSE and Happy New Year!

Artsy said...

Hi Beth. Hope you got all moved in. That's a challenging time to be moving..but just'll be all set to begin a new year at a new location. Keep being creative!

Mary Timme said...

I had to laugh at your last statement, Beth. For years, before and while we had children, we moved often. I learned when our son was 2 months old, how to make and keep formula for a baby in motel rooms as we moved for the his first 18 months every 2-3 months and traveled and worked in Montreal, to Cambridge, Mass, to Sarnia, Ontario, to Cambridge, Mass and back to Sarnia, Ontario and then to Cambridge, Mass and finally said "wait a minute, I need to have some time without moving for a year or two." Then we came to Denver and DH traveled in Canada a lot and we adopted our daughter. Then we moved to Calgary, and back to Denver and then to Alaska and then to CA, and then Back to Denver. I'm so good and fast at moving it has only been the last 13 years that I've been able to indulge in any kind of 'keeping things,' habit. I can only imagine what my life would have been if I'd been able to indulge in that earlier. You'll probably move again. . .but who knows! Gave me a smile! Happy New Year!

Rosa said...

Bethy!! It looks gorgeous! I can't believe the difference in the kitchen. Wow. You have been working your butt off girl! Good for you for having your buddies over. I'm sure it was well needed!! Looks like fun. I love the tree!! Perfect. Let's get together soon. That will HAVE to be our New Year resolution--to see more of one another. And with your mom next door, watch out art world!! Happy New Year my friend! Loveya!!