Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Middle of the week, hurry up friday!

Wednesday is a good day, it means friday is right around the corner. It means that on saturday and sunday mornings, you can sleep a little late and then wake up and do what you want to do.
I didn't post about my wonderful day on monday when I was off for MLK holiday yet but it was a great day!!!
Mom and I got to have a wonderful lunch with our dear friend Rosemary(Rosie). We live so close, but don't get to see each other as much as we would like too. Life gets in the way.
We had a great lunch at Applebys together and then headed right next door to Michaels! And yes, we spent a little bit and had some great laughs. The picture below is one that Rosie took of all of us right outside Michaels. I borrowed the pic from her blog.

Aren't we looking delirious from our shopping spree? It was a blast!!!
Before I left for our excursion, I took some pictures of my new Art room.

This is the wonderful morning sun that shines in through the front windows. I love to sit in here on the week-ends when the sun shines in and create a little art and watch the birds on the feeder.

And this is where I sit and all of my tools around me. The room is still a work in progress. I am using baskets to store my supplys and hid the plastic tubs in a closet. One day I will have cabinets on the wall and a nicer work area(like the kind you see in magazines,lol), but until then, this is where I create my masterpieces.

And this is a clean version of the room. Most of the time its a little bit messy. But I am enjoying the new art room and look forward to many wonderfuls of making art too my souls content.
I also got braved and took a picture of myself. And then I played around with it Paint Shop that night after the wonderful day I had. It is now my new Profile picture, in case you were wondering who that Chic was in my comments, lol.
This is the picture I used.

And this is a bigger version of the picture I made in PSP.
I love to play with Paint shop and Adobe and I never have the time here lately. I used filters and tubes to make this picture. I like this picture because you can't see all the wrinkles, lol. And it also shows that I am so looking forward to SPRING!!!!
Well its late and my bed is calling me to come rest my head and watch a little HGTV.
My thoughts are with all my friends and I hope everyone is having a great week. And again, "Hurry up Week-end!!!! "


Rosa said...

Bethy, it was so fun seeing you and your mom. What fun!! OMG. That room is amazing. I must come over and delve in!! Too organized! I like what you did with your baskets too. I was amazed when I came home I actually used the flowers just like I wrote down on the "list." When we get together next, I'll give you some of the foam globes. I just cut them in half, half for each cup! Too easy!! Let me know if you've heard anything on your mom's visit to the docs. xoxoxoxox

Rosa said...

PS Love the altered pic! Wrinkles, please. I guess it's time to get rid of my Christmas avatar! (I did get my Christmas stuff put away yesterday!) Lordy.

Jeanie said...

First of all, GLORIOUS photo. Very glam and lovely! Pink is a great color for you!

Second, loved seeing the pic of you three crazy women. How fun you could enjoy that together!

Third -- I am wildly and insanely jealous of your art room -- in all the best ways of course! It's terrific! Cleaned up or otherwise!

CattyCat said...

I am so envious of your art room. I see we have many of the same things, but you have oh so much more than I do. I want a room like this too. But I guess I do have one, it's called the livingroom. LOL No one visits much so it dosen't matter. I love what you did to that photo of you, but the photo itself is a great pic of you. But what you did to it is excellent and fun.