Friday, January 19, 2007

Friday's wishes!

Yes,,it is friday at last! It is one of my favorite days of the week. It means I get 2 days to play. And playing is what I like to do the best. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day! I get to go to my monthly "Sassy Stampers" meeting. That is the name of our little club and we meet once a month to get together and do some fun art. We learn new techniques on rubber stamping and other creative arts. Some times there are several women there and some times just a few. Tomorrow is going to be fun because Mom and I are bringing a very special guest with us. Our dear friend Rosemary is going to join us for the day. I am so excited to get to see her and have fun playing tomorrow. We usually meet in a little community center that is out in some very pretty countryside. We all bring potluck dishes and just have a really great time. I am taking the new toy to take some pictures and I will post them on sunday.
Well the weather men had us all excite here this week. At the first of the week they were saying we were going to get some snow on sunday. But of course now that has all changed. It has been very cold here this week, but it seems that it is going to warm up just enough to make the snow turn into rain,,yippee. Now I was really ready for a nice snow so I could take the toy out and take some wonderful snow pictures. The are saying that we probably will get some snow in the near future as the weather patterns are indicating that. The last really nice snow we had here was 4 years ago this past monday. It was a nice, deep snow. It came fast and quick starting around 9 in the morning. Of course they didn't let school out fast enough and some school buses were stuck and it was late evening before some kids got home. I was smart and stayed home that day. My kids were still in school. Kalyn had to walk up the big ridge to get home,,she wasn't a happy camper. When it snows really hard and fast, it paralyzes our city. We just don't have the equipment to deal with it. People will get stuck on the interstate and side roads, and end up having to leave their cars. Its pretty wild here when that happens. I guess its good that it doesn't happend that much. But since I have snow fever,,I am going to post some pics of that very wonderful snow 4 years ago. And maybe it will change our luck and actually snow instead of rain on sunday,,lol.
The day after it snowed, Kalyn and I walked down our backyard into the woods. There is a pond down there and it was frozen over. The day was pretty and sunny but really cold.

I love these pictures. We had such a fun time that day. I made a little scrapbook of this adventure, so she will have it when she gets older and can show her children.

I guess the reason I love a nice snowfall is that is makes every thing so pretty. It hides the dreary, dead of the winter. I know everyone that lives where snow is a every day occurance thinks "whippee",,but when you don't get alot of it , you love it when you do. So maybe we will get some soon.
I hope every one has a wonderful week-end!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're going to have a lot of fun creating!
Have a Great weekend, Beth!


Rosa said...

Bethy!! I can't wait to see you tomorrow too, and your mom, of course! I'm packing everything up as we speak. TWO carriers! hehe... I wonder how many sandwiches I should make?? I'll make a bunch and then I can always bring them back if they don't get eaten. Can't wait! I am soooo exctited to get out and see new parts of Tennessee and meet new folks. xo

Kentucky Gal said...

what a nice snow you had...all we've had is a few dustings here...very unusual for Ohio, let me tell ya!!

Sheila said...

Hope you have a great day tomorrow.
A fall of snow can make everything look lovely thats for sure.

Janet said...

Snow is photos is as close as I care to get! I don't mind looking at it on the mountains off in the distance but I don't want to have to get out in it anymore. Grew up with the stuff in Illinois and had my fill. But I hope you get some where you live so we can have more beautiful photos.
Have fun with everyone at the stamping club.

Anonymous said... seeing these snow pics. Can you believe that i have never seen snow in real life :o)

LisaOceandreamer said...

oh how fun to get together and do art and create! Can't wait to hear about it and see the pics.
I got together with Annie, Maryellen and Vicci yesterday and it was so fun - I sure wish we all lived close enough to do that once a month group art!

vicci said...

Bethie...These are wonderful photos!!!! Everyone looks like they are having so much fun!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!! I want some snow! :-)

LADY LUXIE said...

I've never seen snow..ever...I'm still wondering how it sounds like when you step on it...

Jeanie said...

I looked at the pix before I read your post and got all excited you had so much snow! Alas... But it does make travelling better! Hope you all had a wonderful creative weekend! Be in touch next week when I get back from Virginia!