Monday, June 01, 2009

Uncertain Future

This is a picture of the High School where I spend my week days. Its a beautiful old building and so nice inside too. It first opened in the 1930s.
My sad story is I am not sure if I will be here much longer or not. It seems that our School Board has voted to open 2 new Adult High Schools and we do not know what our future is here at our school. They know what they are going to do but no one will officially tell us what is going to happen. In they, I mean the people who run our schools. In fact, we had to learn from newspapers all the news that we have recieved up till this point.
I am so fustrated right now as I don't know what will happen or where I will be working or if I will EVEN be employed. Hopefully we will find out something soon.

So this week-end I spent both days working in my garden. I am sore and tanned a light brown but its a good feeling. Who knows, I may have to open my own produce truck, HA!

I will post more pictures this week of the garden. Its looking really good.
I hope every one had a great week-end!


jet1960 said...

I'm so sorry, Beth. Hope you find out something soon. We just found out this morning that the hospital where I work has been bought and will be closed effective July 15th. I would appreciate your prayers.

Cat said...

Being an educator from California, I know what loosing schools looks like.
Sorry that this one is yours.

Jeanie said...

Tanned is good. All the anxiety about your job and more, isn't good at all. I hope things level off soon and that you'll have a decision and info. At least then you can plan. Your gardening -- a good release, and one with benefits! Yum.

Rosa said...

Aw, I hope it all works out. Chin up. And I'm sure you look great! All that working outdoors is good for the soul. Hang in there Bethy.

Janet said...

I hope it all turns out for the best. Sometimes the very thing we think is going to cause us trouble ends up being a good thing.

Shopgirl said...

Your school is beautiful, and I am sure you are beautiful in it. It will be okay...hang in there!
Hugs, Mary