Thursday, June 25, 2009

Good Read!

This is a book that I have been reading lately. Its really awesome too. It has excercises to do in it to learn to help make your life alot happier. I figure I wouldn't mind having more happiness.
Plus the book is so wonderfully illustrated by Joan Perrin Falquet. I really LOVE her ART! So if you want a good book to read then I highly recommend this one. And check out Joan's art at her website. It also shows some of the book at her website.
Hope everyone has been having a great week!



Mary Timme said...

Good for you Beth. I know you are facing a difficult 'sandwich' time in your life and it is a habit to think either of joy or of sadness. I know deciding to laugh and not cry has been a huge change in my life.

I still get to cry when it is appropriate, but have to cut it out when it isn't.

Janet said...

I have had this book for years. I have an older version with out the illustrations but the message is still the same. Fantastic book!!!!

Jeanie said...

She's a wonderful writer -- I've read her stuff before. Probably good timing for this one, too.