Monday, June 08, 2009

monday's musings

Well its been a few days since I have posted. Its been a busy few days too. I had to work summer school registration at a different High School on Thursday and Friday. It just so happened to be the one I work at before I moved to where I am now. I enjoyed seeing a lot of my old co-workers. So far I really haven't heard much about where I am going to be. I met with a sweet HR lady on Friday afternoon. She said with my seniority that she will not have any problem finding a place for me. That's kind of reassuring but I really want to stay where I am at. Daniel would like me to stay there too and be off in the summers. Its a good possibility that I can but its not definite yet.
Good news! Looks like we may be selling our house this week. And investor has offered us cash for it. Bad part is that we will only break even and not make any thing off of it. But at least it will be off our back and less money coming out of our pocket each month. Its been on the market for a year so its time to let it go. Please keep your fingers crossed that it will all work out.
I have been doing some art lately. The picture above is one that I have done in my drawing journal. I like the way it turned out too. Usually I hate every thing I draw by free hand.
I have also discovered Zentangles. I have known about them for a while but now I am really enjoying them. They are so easy to do and it helps to keep my mind of of troubling times. Below is one I did and I also used some stencils in with it too.

These are really addicting to do too. I have my Mom to thank for getting into these. She started doing them and I had to give it whirl. I have always been a doodler and this is so therapeutic.
I have a zillion stencils too and I have been playing with them. The next picture is a combo of two different stencils.
I used water color pencils and fine point sharpies on all of the art on this post. And the good thing is that I have actually been creating some art every day, even if its just a few minutes here or a few minutes there.
I hope every one had a great week-end. And do have a wonderful week ahead!



Janet said...

Beth, that's great news about your house! I hope it all works out.

Your art is beautiful!!!! I never thought about combining stencils with zentangles! I might have to try that.

Rosa said...

I am so happy to hear you had a good meeting with HR. And that hopefully your house is going to sell! Yay! It's all good. In this market, that is good. So happy for you bethy. Things are going to turn around now! Yes! Summer off!! Then you can come on down to Riverside!!! Wouldn't we have a blast!!! xoxo

Rosa said...

K, this zantangle thingy. Is it a program you buy and do it online and then print and then fill in??? I'm con-fuz-ed as usual. These are gorgeous! And I see Janet doing them too. Do tell!! xoxo

PEA said...

Keeping my fingers crossed that your house does sell...even though you'll break even, at least it will be off your hands, as you say, and one less thing to worry about! Also hope that where your job is concerned, everything will fall into place:-)

Omigosh, look at your art! Girl, you have so much talent, I'm jealous! lol

I just read your other posts I had missed and oh my, such a wonderful deck you have. Beautiful flowers as well!! I can't get over how much your veggie garden has grown already, ours isn't even planted yet. Having had snow and frost last week, we've just been waiting for the weather to settle down. Today it's in the 50's...doesn't mother nature know it's June????

Love ya:-) xoxoxoxo

JessInFocus said...

Awesome are girlie! and great news! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

Jeanie said...

This is most good news, especially about the house! Love your drawing -- so colorful and pretty. I first saw Zentangles at Janet's -- they're cool!

Cat said...

I love Zentangles, we've been doing them at work with the kids and they love them too!

Cat said...

WOW, these doodles are fabulous!!! They do look like good therapy too!

Best wishes on your job placement with the school system!

Hugs, Cat

Shopgirl said...

Houses haven't been selling like we saw in the past, so this is very good news. Everything in its time! Hugs, Mary