Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big Events in our part of the woods!

So this week is a big musical event for middle Tennessee. First off, we have the annual Country Music festival. Its a biggie here in Nashville. Country music fans come from all over the world to meet and get autographs from their favorite Country music artists. Its a four day event but they are kicking it off today with a big parade in downtown Nashville(glad I don't work downtown). The days are filled with concerts and meeting their stars at booths set up in different venues. They use to call it Fan Fare but changed the name a few years ago.

Next we have Bonnaroo that will kick off tomorrow. Its a little southeast of Nashville in Manchester and what a line up they are having there. The biggie is Bruce Springsteen. But its a four day music filled event. I heard on the news this morning that 800,000 fans will be here this year. I wish I could go but my "all day concert going days" are over now. I don't mind the "sit in a comfy and cool venue" concerts. But the "standing in the hot, humid, and buggy fields" well ,uh, No Thanks.
So now you know all about our big week of music and tourists galore.
I hope every one is having a wonderful week!


Janet said...

LOL! I'm with you, Beth. If it's someplace cool and comfy I'm in but outside in the hot thanks! I would like to see Bruce Springsteen though!!

Mary Timme said...

Would you believe I've only been to one concert as a grown up and that was a BD present for DH! Now if someone else wants to pay for it and drive me there, we can talk! Otherwise that would be a smile and a 'no thank you!'

Jeanie said...

That sounds fabulous! It's just nice to have them around! I don't go as much as I used to, either.

PEA said...

They've been advertising the Country Music Festival here and when I heard of all who will be performing there, I wanted to gooooo!!! There are quite a few bus tours from here of these days I should look into that!! It's quite a long trip from Sudbury, Ontario to Nashville, TN but oh it would be so worth it:-) I do love my country music! xoxoxo

Rosa said...

I would have prefered seeing the Police reunion last year, but I'm like you. I don't do festivals any more!! I wondered this morning what was going on in town when the storms were hitting. Everyone said "I hope the weather doesn't upset the festivities." Now I know what the festivities are. Leave it to me to always be out of the loop! How was the weather your way. I kept thinking about you when it was passing your way. I don't think we got a whole lot cause I slept through it! xoxo

Shopgirl said...

We have been hearing about the event. Stay cool, Mary