Thursday, March 19, 2009

Still having spring and loving it.

Here is a close up from my Pear tree blossoms. They are so pretty this year! I have been planting alot of seeds this spring. I am going to have a big Vegetable garden this year. I am waiting on a man to come out and plow up the garden spot. Below is a picture of me planting some of the seeds.
And below is my seed tray loaded up with the garden veggie seeds.
I was off and working outside most of this week. I did work today but I am taking off again tomorrow. I have a doctor's appointment with my orthopedist on April 6th as I am having some very excruciating pain in my feet where I have the bone spurs. I am hoping they can do something to help alleviate the pain. I have to work on my yard, my parent's yard, and clean up the yard at the other house I am trying to sell. I have no time for pain. Thank God for pain pills or I don't know how I could possible do what all I am doing right now. Its like walking on nails when I am walking.
I hope every one is doing ok and that spring is starting to show up at your house.



Cat said...

My veggies are in, my apple is blooming, but my peach shows no signs of life.

Rosa said...

Look at you MZ SPRING! Wow. You plant ALOT of seeds! I've never done seeds. I'm too lazy and need instant gratification! I head tomorrow for my mammogram. Joy.

LollyChops said...

Oh Beth I am so sorry to hear you have bone spurs! My mom has those and I have a feeling they are headed my way as well! We have all sorts of lumps and bumps in my family! I am getting some weird cyst on my hand already too! booo!

BUT... I am thrilled to hear that you are getting to do some planting. RonChops asked me the other day when it would be time to go out and prep the gardens. We have a big veggie garden planned this year! I can hardly wait!

HUGS for continued lovely weather and plantings!


Jeanie said...

Would it be wrong of me to be the slightest bit envious of your gardening ability -- and I mean that both as a gardener in general and specifically that you can get out there and dig and plant? But oh, I do feel for your spurs. Not fun at all. I hope the orthopedist can help.

Because of the slow computer, let me add kudos for your posts below this one -- especially that totally fabulous spring image you did. You've been a busy little artist! And the cardinal photo is fabulous!

Mary Timme said...

Wow! I'm having plant envy! We don't get to plant any but cold hardy crops for a couple of months yet! I hope you have good new with your bone spurs.

Janet said...

Your blog looks so pretty and spring-like. And all those seeds!! Are you feeding the whole neighborhood?

I have nectarine blossoms on my your pear blossoms. I'll trade with you!!!

jet1960 said...

Sorry to hear about the bone spurs. I think I've got one on the bottom of my right heel. I'll be interested to hear what they do to treat yours as I'm debating waiting it out to see if it gets better or not.

Wow, you are on the ball with your planting. I hope we put a garden in again this year. Last year was our first and I enjoyed having fresh veggies and some to put up.