Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I hope every one is having a wonderful week! Its been a rainy day but its spring and the flowers needs watering. I made this little collage tonight! My Art for the Day!


Rosa said...

Love your cute square and your new look!!!! Sunny tomorrow! xoxoxo

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hi Beth, We had rain all day today also. We needed it --so I can't complain. I got alot of 'inside' work done!!!!

Have a great day tomorrow.

jet1960 said...

You are on a roll lately with your art! So pretty!

PEA said...

Omigosh, that art piece is just adorable!! You know me and faeries! lol I just love it, it's gorgeous.

We had a full day of rain here yesterday and today it's just cloudy. We still have tons of snow so it will take more rain or sunny and mild days before it all melts away. Usually by my oldest son Shawn's birthday on April 12th, the last of the snow is leaving so hopefully it will be the same this year. After having had snow on the ground since the start of November, I'm sick of it! lol xoxoxoxo

Cat said...

You are so talented with this journal art, it is beautiful!

Annie is doing super, Hi to Lady!

Jeanie said...

Beth, this is lovely, and I think it's some of your nicest work yet. Oh, my -- your work has grown and grown!

Great new blog look! I changed my template so I can more easily add a blog background and still haven't done part two!

Have a lovely weekend!